Cameron Johnson’s absurd dunk on PJ Tucker gave birth to funny new NBA meme

In the next few years, you may see PJ Tucker on the poster.

Suns forward Cameron Johnson tried to metaphorically end Tucker’s career in the third game of the Suns vs. Bucks. The third-year guard gave Tucker a violent dunk, which would definitely be. Appeared on posters and highlights for a long time.

Look at this absolute beauty, look at it again, look at it again.

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Tucker was whistled for blocking, Milwaukee challenged the penalty, he will replay to review whether Johnson really committed an offensive foul. After the commercial advertisement was interrupted, the appeals in the court were supported and some pressure was removed from the wonderful moments. It turns out that Johnson’s only guilt was to take Tucker’s soul. (This is not a foul in the NBA rulebook.)

In Johnson’s 14-point effort, dunks accounted for the most powerful two points, but the Suns still trailed the Bucks 120-100 in the third game. Entering the fourth game on Wednesday night, Phoenix still leads the finals with a score of 2-1.

It is unforgettable that Tucker: The Bucks forward has been one of the most interesting-and most annoying-defenders during the NBA playoffs, but NBA Twitter didn’t let him suffer the aftereffects.

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