Aaron Rogers Packers’ drama may finally come to an end

The Aaron Rodgers Packers will — they won’t — their offseason drama may eventually end.

The Packers quarterback has set a timetable for his form next season. With the Packers holding their first training camp training on July 28, Rogers hopes to have an answer to his future before then.

“Well, I will enjoy it this week,” Rogers told NBC Sports. “Then I will restart exercise and solve the problem in a few weeks.”

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Although there is still no answer, this is the closest answer to Rogers’s future in Green Bay after an offseason full of question marks and vague answers. This may indicate that Rogers is likely to appear.

Rogers has been absent from the Packers’ offseason activities because the rift between the team and the quarterback has no definite source.

Some reports indicated that Rogers was disappointed with the team’s selection of quarterback Jordan Love in 2020, while other reports indicated that he hoped general manager Brian Gutkunst would be fired. Trading rumors spread, and the Broncos and Raiders became potential landing sites for the defending MVP. According to reports, the Packers rejected any request to trade him.

If Rogers persists until the 2021 season, he will lose $35 million in salary. This is a considerable change.

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