Yankees’ Gerrit Cole made an emphasis on his Houston homecoming

On Saturday night, Gerrit Cole prepared something for everyone: haters, doubters, the team he left two years ago, fans.

The All-Star right-hander is particularly helpful to his manager, threatening to ruin his moment at the absolute worst.

Yankees captain Aaron Boone learned with difficulty that his ace star will not leave the mound until he returns home in Houston to end the game with the Astros. Kerr led 1-0 in the ninth inning, and after more than 120 pitches, he still threw to the highs of the 90s. Boone seems ready to end with Aroldis Chapman, which will be its own climax.

Cole won’t have it. After several early withdrawals in his short time in New York-and his team was close to 0.500 mid-season-this is his game. He is all Mike Mussina / Max Scherzer on Boone. The captain claimed after the game that Chapman had not come in at the time, he just wanted to take Cole’s “body temperature”. Boone could see from the air-raid shelter that Cole was heating up.

Cole let Jordan Alvarez (Yordan Alvarez) leave. Jose Altuve hit the first run of three hits in Houston’s singles that night, and he represented a tie at first base.

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Alvarez did not shoot. This is the last court of the game, court 129.

This was also Cole’s 12th strikeout in the game.

“I said a lot of F, and then I fainted. I don’t remember what I told him,” Cole said later. According to Bryan Hoch of MLB.com.

Cole pitched in Houston for the first time since 2019, which was his last two years with the Astros. That winter, he accepted a nine-year, $324 million contract with the Yankees. He is facing a team hated by Yankees fans (and, there seem to be a few Yankees; See Judge Aaron) Repeatedly cheated for it. He seems to be trying to stick it to those who believe he is at the forefront of baseball’s sticky cheating frenzy.

Someone like ESPN reporter Marly Rivera, she repeated her question about Cole’s decline in spin rate since the MLB started cracking down on sticky substances – and Cole’s overall poor data since then.

“I think he just, you know, wants it,” Boone said. According to Pete Caldera of NorthJersey.com.

Good understatement, Boonie. Cole wants it all. This looks very personal. During and after the game.

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