Why Conor McGregor’s injury at UFC 264 is the best thing he could happen

Las Vegas-this is not an ending that anyone can predict. Conor McGregor was TKO lost to Dustin Poirier in the UFC 264 game, when his leg was severely injured and the game was suspended at the end of the first round.

It was a strange ending, and more unusual scenes followed, as McGregor threatened to kill Boylell and insulted his wife while sitting on the canvas to stabilize his fractured lower shin.Obviously, this competition Fever in the past week It’s far from over.

Poirier will achieve a rather unsatisfactory victory, although he has prepared himself for the UFC lightweight title against champion Charles Oliveira. McGregor will undergo surgery and will be absent for the foreseeable future.

do you know? For the Irish, this may be the best situation.

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Obviously, no one wants to see a boxer injured like McGregor. However, this injury extended his shelf life as a superstar and gave him a built-in excuse to play a profitable fourth game with Poirier.

At least, when McGregor can resume action, he now has two huge battles about to come. In addition to the fourth game against Poirier, he also played the third game against Nate Diaz, which is sure to bring huge pay-per-view views. Not to mention that the time McGregor left will make people look forward to his return.

Perhaps most importantly, McGregor can save his reputation by claiming that Boylell won only because McGregor was injured. Although the reality is that Poirier dominated the first round and is likely to go to the end, unless McGregor makes a major change in his approach, this is the narrative that most of his fans will hold.

It was clear from the first round that McGregor did not change much after trying to kick a few legs. Neither of them frightened Poirier. He kicked himself and stopped McGregor on his track and made him stand because the Louisiana fighter put his right hand on the kiss of the former two-tier champion. On the person.

Once the battle hit the canvas, McGregor found himself in a troubled world. After a failed guillotine attempt, Poirier slammed McGregor in the face with his elbow and fist. McGregor didn’t provide much resistance because he ate his elbows one by one while Boylell was still in the lead. This is the position that McGregor fans fear the most, and Boyle is very comfortable slamming the Irishman from within his defender.

Then the injury occurred in the last few seconds of the round, when the soldiers stood up again.

When McGregor was sitting on the canvas and swearing at Poirier, the potential number of pay-per-view purchases for the fourth game began to rise. Hardcore fans of McGregor began to believe everything Mystic Mac said.

An angry McGregor said: “I’m punching his bleeding head and kicking his bleeding legs-usually to shorten the distance.” “It’s not over yet. If I have to take this outside, I Just go out. I don’t talk nonsense.”

His fans may be on his side, thinking that he will do what he did in the battle in Mendes, Chad a few years ago, and take advantage of the tired Poriye. The only thing is that Poirier is not close to fatigue, and almost controls every aspect of the battle.

Fortunately for McGregor, the most memorable thing in the third game was the strange broken leg that prevented him from continuing the game. As we all know, anything can happen in mixed martial arts, and McGregor can of course imply that he just warmed up before being injured. Everything Poirier did before the injury would be ignored by the most determined McGregor fans.

To be honest, this injury saved McGregor from embarrassment and gave him another big money fight. It also provides an opportunity to heal not only his legs, but also his self-esteem. No matter what he said, he knew he was losing that battle and may have been out of trouble due to injuries.

The silver lining is that McGregor worked on his schedule before returning to operation, which allowed him to return to the lab and re-commit to his craft. If McGregor chooses to do so, it will also provide an opportunity for reshaping. The rapid turnaround after losing to Poirier in January did not really make McGregor work hard on the necessary things to perform better in the trilogy.

right now? He has nothing except time.

And, as they said, absence will make the heart more loving, and McGregor’s return will be another major event. Whether it’s against Poirier, Diaz or other fighters, there will be another huge payday, and he hasn’t lost much of the brilliance of the casual fans that drive his pay-per-view sales. There is still some mystery surrounding McGregor, and it will arouse people’s curiosity about what changes the Irish will make in the way they fight.

Consider this: At the time of writing, Poirier’s post-match interview was viewed 1.3 million times on YouTube. But McGregor’s post-match interviews have been viewed more than 3 million times.

The injury separated McGregor from himself. This is not the best version of McGregor we have seen. From trash talking to the fight itself, it feels like a man trying to believe his hype again. McGregor’s insults became more intense and his taste worsened, which made me feel something was wrong. Is he looking for motivation? Is his self-esteem so hurt that he is worried that he no longer has “it”? who knows? He will have enough time to figure it out, because as the sport progresses, he will be out of the spotlight.

When he is ready to return, please rest assured that McGregor will reclaim his throne as the biggest star of fighting sports. There has never been a person like him, and currently there is no other fighter who can take his place. The character is bigger than the warrior, and in some strange way, this kind of damage only adds to his legend. At least, this expanded his ability to remain a mainstream star. In the worst case, it prolongs the inevitable fall, feeling very close to what happened to Poirier.

For some people, the game will eventually pass. But for McGregor, the game will always salivate for his return.

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