2021 MLB All-Star lineup: the starting lineups and reserve teams of the United States and the National League

The best player in Major League Baseball put the “star” in the starting lineup on Tuesday night.

After moving away from the spotlight in 2020, MLB’s best (and most popular) are on the line again 2021 All-Star Game In Denver on July 13th.

Following the convention of the All-Star Game roster, there were some fluctuations and mistakes: Mike Trout was selected for the All-Star Game this year, even though he only played 36 games in the first half and suffered a calf injury. Trout is expected to return to the game after the All-Star Game. Despite this, the fans chose Trout as the starter of the AL this Midsummer Classic.

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It’s also a good year for novices: Nats’ outfielder Juan Soto makes his (somewhat surprising) All-Star Game debut, even though he is his best shot since his rookie season in 2018 One of the hands. At the same time, he was also selected to the All-Star team. The first time it was the Blue Jays infielder Vladimir Guerrero Jr.-Fladito was not only finishing the All-Star season, but he was also finishing an MVP resume.

Here is who will line up on Tuesday and become the best player of the game:

American League All-Star Game starting

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Vladimir Guerrero Jr.) and Shohei Ohtani (Shohei Ohtani) highlighted the first-time winners of this year’s All-Star Game, and both players will participate in the MVP event.

The starting players and pitchers elected by the fans are as follows:

player team position
Salvador Perez Royals C
Vladimir Guerrero Jr Bluebird 1B
Marcus Seed Company Bluebird 2B
Raphael Devers Red Sox 3B
Xander Bogaerts Red Sox SS
x-Mike Trout angel of
Judge Aaron Yankees of
Teoscar Hernandez Bluebird of
Otani Shohei angel Department of Health
Matt Barnes Red Sox phosphorus
Chris Basit sports phosphorus
x-Shane Bieber Cleveland phosphorus
Alodis Chapman Yankees phosphorus
Gerrit Cole Yankees phosphorus
Nathan Evaldi Red Sox phosphorus
Kyle Gibson Rangers phosphorus
Liam Hendrix White Sox phosphorus
Kikuchi Eugenics sailor phosphorus
Lance Lynn White Sox phosphorus
Otani Shohei angel phosphorus
x-Ryan Pressly astronaut phosphorus
Carlos Rodon White Sox phosphorus
Gregory Soto Tigers phosphorus

x- will not participate in the All-Star Game.

National League All-Star Game starting

Nolan Arenado was selected as an All-Star for the first time as a member of the Cardinals in his first season in St. Louis. As the third baseman of the National League, he won the recognition of the starter.

Fans waiting to watch Jacob deGrom vs. Shohei Ohtani have to wait longer: deGrom will be Skip this year’s Midsummer Classic Focus on staying healthy in the second half of the season.

The senior tournament starters and pitchers elected are as follows:

player team position
x-Buster Posey Giants C
Freddie Freeman Brave 1B
Adam Fraser pirate 2B
Nolan Arenado Cardinals 3B
Fernando Tatis Fathers SS
x-Ronald Acuna Jr. Brave of
Nick Castellanos Celebrities of
Jesse Wink Celebrities of
Walkerbil Dodgers phosphorus
Corbin Burns Brewer phosphorus
x-Yu Darvish Fathers phosphorus
x-Jacob de Grom metropolis phosphorus
x-Kevin Gosman Giants phosphorus
Josh Harder Brewer phosphorus
Craig Kimbrel Cub phosphorus
Marquez, Germany the Rocky Mountains phosphorus
Mark Melancon Fathers phosphorus
Freddie Peralta Brewer phosphorus
Alex Reyes Cardinals phosphorus
Trevor Rogers Marlin phosphorus
Max Scherzer national phosphorus
Taiwan Roller metropolis phosphorus
Zach Wheeler Phillies phosphorus
x-Brandon Woodruff Brewer phosphorus

x- will not participate in the All-Star Game.

American League All-Star Game Reserve

Several players, including the Astros doubles combination Jose Altuf and Carlos Correa, decided to withdraw from this year’s All-Star Game despite being selected.

player team position
Mike Zunino Rays C
Matt Olsen sports 1B
Jared Walsh angel 1B
x-José Altuvi astronaut 2B
Whit Merrifield Royals 2B
Jose Ramirez Cleveland 3B
Tim Anderson White Sox SS
Bobby Shet Bluebird SS
x-Carlos Correa astronaut SS
Joey Wendell Rays SS
x-Michael Brantley astronaut of
Joey Gallo Rangers of
Adoris Garcia Rangers of
Cedric Mullins Orioles of
Nelson Cruz twin Department of Health
JD Martinez Red Sox Department of Health

x- will not participate in the All-Star Game.

National League All-Star Game Reserve

Despite a year of depression, Dodgers outfielder Muki Bates still participated in the All-Star Game as a substitute. As a member of the Cubs, the fourth All-Star selection is Chris Bryant-he may also be the last time he will participate in the All-Star Game as the Cubs.

The following is a list of reserves:

player team position
x-Yadil Molina Cardinals C
Omar Narvaz Brewer C
JT Realmuto Phillies C
Max Munsey Dodgers 1B
Ozzy Albis Brave 2B
Jack Cronanworth Fathers 2B
Chris Bryant Cub 3B
Eduardo Escobar D-backs 3B
Manny Machado Fathers 3B
Justin Turner Dodgers 3B
Brandon Crawford Giants SS
Turner national SS
x-Mookie Bates Dodgers of
Brian Reynolds pirate of
x-Kyle Schwab national of
Juan Soto national of
Christelle Dodgers of

x- will not participate in the All-Star Game.

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