MLB Twitter hopes the Warriors’ Ronald Acuna Jr. will go well after a knee injury in the outfielder

Ronald Acuna Jr. injured his right knee during the Warriors’ game against the Marlins in Miami on Saturday afternoon.

Acuna is tracking Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm’s attack to the right backcourt. He jumped up, but failed to catch it. The ball just passed Acuna’s outstretched glove and hit the bottom of the wall.

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Akuna fell, hit the wall, and couldn’t get up again.

The outfielder tried to leave the field on his own, but couldn’t. He returned to the turf and was eventually taken to the air-raid shelter by the Atlanta staff and taken to the locker room. He was obviously upset.

The 23-year-old Akuna’s injury did not look good, and he was selected to his second All-Star team this week. At the time of writing, the Warriors have not provided the latest information about his condition.

MLB Twitter must be worried about Acuna. After he was injured, it took some time to send him blessings.

Acuna entered Saturday with .284/.392/.593 slashes and 24 homers. After the injury, Abraham Almonte replaced him on the right.

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