Why did Jose Altove and Carlos Correa of ​​the Astros not participate in the 2021 MLB All-Star Game

The Astros have four players selected for the 2021 MLB All-Star Game, but two of these four players will not participate in the game.

Second baseman Jose Altouf and shortstop Carlos Correa both confirmed on Thursday that they will skip the July 13 game in Denver.

Neither player was selected into the American League’s starting lineup-Marcus Semien (Blue Jays) and Xander Bogaerts (Red Sox) will be ranked second and short respectively-but they said This has nothing to do with their decision.

So why would Altuf and Correa skip the All-Star Game? They explained their reasons to reporters on Thursday.

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Why does Jose Altove not participate in the All-Star Game?

Altof said he did not participate in the All-Star Game because he suffered a minor injury to his leg. He wants to rest for four days before the start of the second half of the season.

“I really think I need these four days to keep my legs normal and healthy in the second half, because I think the team needs me 100%,” Altof said. Brian McTaggart of MLB.com.

Altuf’s selection is the seventh time in his career, and it is also the most players in the history of the Astros, tied with Craig Biggio. He did not make an All-Star in 2019 or 2020.

Altuvi played 75 of the Astros’ first 89 games this season and hit 19 home runs with 0.282/.366/.502 slashes.

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Why does Carlos Correa not participate in the All-Star Game?

Correa talked about his desire to stay at home with his pregnant wife during the rare break of the baseball season.

“Baseball is really important to me, but family will always come first,” Correa said. “I thank everyone who voted for me to participate in the All-Star Game. Baseball means the whole world to me, but this time I want to be with my family, especially my wife, and spend this time with her. Some time. This is our first child, so I need that time.”

Correa said that he did not take the decision lightly, but made sure that staying at home is best for him.

“This is a difficult decision,” he said. “People vote for me to participate. People want to see me participate, but we have been trying for a long time to have our first child, and now it is finally in her belly, I want to be able to be with her Through those days.”

Correa’s choice is the second time in his career. He played 82 games this season, hit 0.288/.385/.510 slashes and 16 home runs.

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