Who is Daniel Camarena? Padres rookies became popular due to Max Scherzer’s Grand Slam

Daniel Camerina is now the legend of Grand Slam Diego.


Daniel Camarena is a rookie pitcher for the Padres. He hit the MLB Nationals’ Max Sher for the first time in the second major league game on Thursday night. (Max Scherzer), he scored the Grand Slam in the Grand Slam tournament.

Okay, a quick review of this line: rookie pitcher, grand slam, Max Scherzer. As Don Orsillo, the Padres scene-by-play announcer, said in his home run call, “It’s unbelievable.”

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But what takes the story to the next level is that Camarena is a native of San Diego-it took him 10 years to get on the show.

The Yankees drafted the left-hander in the 20th round after graduating from high school in 2011, and the Padres signed him as a minor league free agent in February. During this period, he played for the Cubs, Giants and Twins, and played several return encounters with the Yankees. He made his Major League Baseball debut on June 19 at the age of 28.

Camarena-without a home run in 31 minor league board appearances-was hitting the ball for himself and the Padres trailed 8-2 at the bottom of the fourth inning. With the Padres trailing 6-0, he lifted San Diego’s starter Yu Darvish at the top of the frame. He allowed two runs, but then brought them back (and the other two) with a grand slam. The Padres scored seven points in the game and eliminated Scherzer.

Ok. A quick review of all these: 20th round draft pick, 10-year minor, hometown team, Grand Slam, Max Scherzer, seven innings.

Still unbelievable.

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