UFC 264: Conor McGregor criticized Dustin Poriye for his “lucky win”: “He is Buster Douglas”

Conor McGregor hunted down Dustin Porrier before their pre-match press conference even started on Thursday.

When McGregor and Poirier took to the stage of the Las Vegas event, the 32-year-old Irishman picked up a bottle of Poirier Louisiana chili sauce that was on display. He began to pour the contents of the bottle on the stage, then rushed to Povaril’s face.

UFC Chairman Dana White and the event staff had to separate the two players.

This is just the beginning of McGregor’s series of insults. Before their second game, he basically avoided trash talking, but at the press conference on Thursday, he had nothing.

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All of this is to get into Poirier’s mind.

“I’m going to go through his head, make a hole in it, and then take it off the shoulder. That’s the goal here,” McGregor said. “He is destined to be here. This is his. This is the end of the road… On Saturday night, he walked around the octagon like a dog and fell asleep.”

McGregor’s barb was not specifically aimed at Poirier.he still Aiming at a reporter in a pink suit Since former President Barack Obama took office, he has asked him if he has only won one battle, calling the reporter “a little mouse” in other NSFW insults.

However, in most cases, McGregor tried to provoke Bovariet. He even compared him to a boxer who won the biggest upset in boxing history.

“I dismissed him. I dismissed him,” McGregor said of Boylell. “He is Buster Douglas. This is a fluke victory, and I will correct it on Saturday night.”

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Poirier calmly accepted McGregor’s trash talk, but sometimes shot back. When McGregor was asked why he changed from being extremely friendly to Poirier in a few months to be very aggressive, he gave the best answer.

“Because he was knocked down,” Poirier said. “It’s not that McGregor is fast, McGregor sleeps.”

In fact, Poirier eliminated McGregor in the second round of their January rematch. McGregor believes he is ready to rebound, and he promised that he will make a breakthrough in what many people consider his greatest performance.

McGregor, speaking of his TKO with Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, said: “That night was the greatest performance in UF history-widely regarded as-that night I was in Madison Square The garden won the second world championship.” I will top it. “

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