Joe Pepitone sued the Baseball Hall of Fame for the Mickey Mantle bat used in the game

Joe Pepitone just wants his bat back.

Pepitone, a former Yankees first baseman, is suing the Baseball Hall of Fame because he did not return the bat he said belongs to him, which has been displayed in Cooperstown for more than 50 years.

The former Yankees first baseman stated in the lawsuit that the bat used by Mitch Mantel on May 14, 1967 (the day Mantel hit his 500th home run in his career) was actually made by Yankees officials lent it to the Baseball Hall of Fame, not donated it, as the baseball hall claims.

In turn, Pepitone wanted the bat to come back.

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The content of the lawsuit is (Through exercise):

Pepitone’s Bat is a unique historical baseball handicraft, estimated to be worth more than $500,000. Pepitone does not gift, sell, transfer or in any way transfer its sole ownership interest in bats to any individual or entity. Pepitone explicitly requested the museum to return the bats on September 1, 2020 as promised. The museum unreasonably and illegally rejected Pepitone’s request to return the bats and continued to own the bats without legal reasons or Pepitone’s objection.

According to The Athletic report, Pepitone and Hall got into a problem he said he said that there is no paperwork that can get bats into Cooperstown.

Hall said the bat was donated by the Yankees, and Pepitone said that former Yankees executive Robert Fischer lent the bat to the Hall of Fame after Mantel hit the 500th home run. .

“This bat is one of the tens of thousands of cultural relics donated to the Hall of Fame by players, teams, leagues and fans over the past 85 years. The cultural relics allow us to respect the game and fulfill our non-preserving history, honor and excellence. A profitable mission to connect generations,” Hall said.

Interestingly, This is not the strangest story involving Joe Pepitone and Mickey Mantle.

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