After refusing to receive COVID vaccination, MLS veterinarian Erik Hurtado was traded to the United States by Canadian club CF Montreal

It is believed that this is the first player deal in North American sports related to a player’s decision not to vaccinate against COVID-19. MLS club CF Montreal has traded American forward Eric Getado to the Columbus team.

Non-essential travel is prohibited on the US-Canada border, which complicates Hurtado’s situation.Canadian government Travel restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic Canadian nationals, permanent residents and foreign nationals permitted to enter the country are required to isolate themselves for 14 days after entry if they have not been vaccinated. Starting on July 5, vaccinated travelers who are eligible to enter the country can enter the country without quarantine restrictions.

Golden Cup: See who made the American roster

Given that he was not vaccinated, Hurtado was forced to quarantine for 14 days every time he returned to Canada after a game in CF Montreal in the United States. Sports director Olivier Renard outlined the situation in the club’s press release announcing the deal.

“In the past few weeks, people have developed some interest in Erik. We listened to the offer, although we are satisfied with Erik’s work. Because he was not vaccinated against COVID-19, there was a problem with his situation. When we confirmed that the ball When the team could return to Montreal, we started thinking about trades,” Reynard said.

“Before continuing, Eric also confirmed that he was uncomfortable with vaccinations, so we completed this transaction and we feel very satisfied. We want to thank Eric for his professionalism and wish him good luck in his career,” Leonard added. .

CF Montreal is not the only team that admits that there may be challenges in managing unvaccinated players.The general manager of Toronto Football Club Ali Curtis mentioned “Potential Complications For players who are not fully vaccinated, but we have to see how things will develop. “Toronto midfielder Nick DeLeon publicly stated in March that he did not plan to be vaccinated.

Update on the U.S.-Canada border

Cross-border travel restrictions have brought challenges to Canadian sports teams that play in North American leagues. NBA, MLB and MLS clubs have to move to the United States in their respective seasons to set up training bases.

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The NHL circumvents these restrictions by creating a division consisting only of its Canadian clubs in the 2021 regular season. In June, it received a special travel exemption from the Canadian government, which applies to teams crossing the Canadian border to participate in the playoffs. Playoff teams do not need to meet the 14-day quarantine requirement, provided they follow the strict guidelines for the revised bubble and do not have contact with the public.

MLS officials are negotiating with the Canadian government on the arrangements for their team so that the game can be held at the Canadian Stadium.

The latest update of Canada’s travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers has resulted in two of the three Canadian MLS teams, CF Montreal and Toronto Football Club, moving their training bases back to Vancouver, Canada to stay in their US bases after starting the MLS season in the United States Currently in Utah, because all three teams are waiting for more developments in cross-border travel.

Why the Hurtado deal makes sense

The Hurtado deal is a comprehensive and practical solution: Columbus needs forward screens, Montreal is transported with good cash, and the 30-year-old Hurtado does not have to deal with other regular players’ travel restriction seasons.

The addition of Hurtado will help the crew. They will have no starting forward Gyasi Zardes (USA), winger Derek Etienne (Haiti) and attacking midfielder Kevin Molino (Terry) during the Gold Cup. Nida and Tobago). Substitute forward Bradley Wright-Phillips is dealing with a right hip injury.

Columbus did not arrange to play against another Canadian team in the regular season, so Hurtado did not have to make any cross-border travel.

Montreal received a general grant of $200,000, which is cash used by MLS clubs to manage player salaries within roster restrictions. In terms of general allocation of funds, this is considered a considerable amount, especially considering that Hurtado is a backup forward.

Hurtado is a 9-year MLS veteran who can play anywhere on the offensive front. Montreal signed him as a free agent in February, and he played seven games (two starts) for the club. He recorded an assist.he is Expected to be available His new club in Hell is a real match against Ohio State club Cincinnati on Friday.

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