Pat Malone of the Chargers is the fourth NHL player to win the Stanley Cup three times in a row on two different teams

On Wednesday, Lightning left winger Pat Malone joined one of the most unique clubs in NHL history.

With Tampa Bay’s 1-0 victory over the Canadians in the fifth game of the Stanley Cup final, Malone became the fourth player in league history to lead two different teams to win the Stanley Cup three consecutive times.He also participated in the 2020 Chargers championship battle, and Blues 2019 Stanley Cup champion team.

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“Yes, it’s crazy. With 40 minutes left in the game, I was a little emotional,” Maroon said of his achievements. “I have to put it together because, obviously I’m not there, but watching these guys block blocks, screw it up, do their best, it’s a chance to win, but I’m very lucky, very lucky to be A member of three teams and three very good teams. You may not see me on the scoresheet, but I will try to bring different elements to the room, and participate when I can, let you The team relax a little bit.

“So, I can’t express it in words now. Like I said, I cried on the bench when there were 40 minutes left in the game, and I couldn’t even throw away my things because I’m only a Stanley Cup winner in three years The platoon is very special. But it requires a team, a team of 25 people. We did it. I am very proud of these people. We work in such a short season. I will remember it when I remember it. My son retires together, but now I just want to absorb it all.”

Maroon joined Ed Litzenberger, Ab McDonald and Eddie Gerard. Those three did it before the expansion.

When asked on the ice after the game what he would do with all his rings, Maroon said: “I don’t know yet. Although we won again, I must be very excited,” and then added: “Shave me off My beard, because it’s been three years. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m going to put it in a safe. Man, I’m so excited. I want to cut my hair and shave my beard.”

The Chargers also entered the rare company on Tuesday, becoming the fourth team in the past 30 years — and the second team in the NHL salary cap era — to win consecutive Stanley Cup finals. They joined the Penguins (1991-92, 2016-17) and the Red Wings (1997-98).

Jackie Spiegel of Sports News contributed to this report.

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