Major League Baseball trade rumors: five players who will become former Cubs and where they might be traded

We have written about the plight of the Cubs many times this season.

In early June, it’s a piece of watching Difficult decisions the front office may face, Because the team they broke up exceeded internal expectations and played like a competitor.Then, in early July, an article said It’s time to sellAfter the catastrophic extension in June, they are far behind the Brewers of NL Central.

deadline: Five twin players may be traded before July 30

Then they lost a few more games, just to no doubt what would happen. The Cubs need a core change. It’s time to say goodbye to the players who played an important role in the 2016 World Series titles, because the club certainly doesn’t seem to want to pay the price of extending them.

So here are five cubs that may soon become former cubs.

Chris Bryant, 3B/OF

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

need to know: After basically losing the 2020 season, Kobe returned to his original form in April and May, with an average score north of 0.300, a base percentage higher than 0.400, and a shooting percentage of more than 0.600. However, his June was a disaster. He hit 0.114 in 23 games, and it’s no surprise that the Cubs plummeted with him. However, July’s sample size is small, and his versatility will be seen as a huge advantage for any team to acquire him. He can serve as a full-time starter at third base or any corner outfield position. He can also serve as a midfielder while playing the MVP level on the court. Yes, please.

Potential destination: metropolis. No competitor needs an offensive kick more than the Mets. Of course, a big problem is that they only need their veterans to play better — hey, Jeff McNeill and Michael Confort and Francisco Lindo — but add a versatile bat like Kobe to the lineup. It is a dream solution.

Javier Bates, SS

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

need to know: Yes, the on-base percentage (.282) is not what you want, and he leads NL in strikeouts, but Baez is still an impact player with 21 home runs, 56 RBIs and 10 A stolen base. Like Kobe, Baez can play multiple positions, so don’t just consider those teams that might be concerned about shortstop upgrades. He is also easily an ideal candidate for teams that need second base or third base promotion.

Potential destination: White Sox or Yankees. Of course, perhaps the trade between the two Chicago teams seems to be a long-term vision. But ChiSox lost their second baseman Nick Madrigal. This year, Danny Mendick and Lori Garcia didn’t do much after that injury. As for the Yankees, trading Baez will allow them to transfer Gleyber Torres from shortstop to second base, and may help him get rid of the season-long fear. However, the New York team’s lineup is already right-handed.

Anthony Rizzo, 1B

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

need to know: He is still an excellent first baseman, good at shooting at critical moments, but his numbers have declined in the past few years-for example, his OBP from 2014 to 2019 was 0.388, and in 2020 it was 0.341- 21-And not many competitors are looking for a first baseman. In other words, if the Cubs really traded him, Cubs fans will almost certainly be disappointed in his return. Considering what Rizzo means to the team, they are right to feel that way.

Potential destination: Red Sox. He does make sense here. Boston’s lineup is mostly right-handed, and Rizzo’s OPS-even in this sluggish year-is still nearly 100 points higher than Sox’s regular first baseman, young Bobby Dalbec.

Craig Kimbrel, RP

Contract status: $16 million club option in 2022 ($1 million buyout)

need to know: Is there any player who will return to trading value more than Kimbrel in 2021? In his first two seasons with the team, he was basically a disaster for the Cubs, increasing the self-report rate to 6.00 in 41 games. But he has returned to old Kimbrel this season, posting a 0.59 ERA, 53 strikeouts, and only allowed 10 hits in 30 2/3 innings. He is the bullpen figure that almost every competitor desires.

Potential destination: astronaut. With the club approaching, Ryan Pressly performed very well-1.50 ERA, 9.2 K/BB, 15 saves out of 16 chances-but the rest of the bullpen has been… well, we can say This is not an advantage. This is a club motivated to win everything in 2021 to show that their previous success-including the 2017 World Series championship-is not just because of cheating. Nevertheless, you know, they must have cheated.

Wilson Contreras, C

Contract status: Qualified for arbitration for the last time in 2022, and become a free agent after 2023

need to know: In theory, he should/can bring stable returns. He is a catcher at his peak, with a year of club control left. But last year he won’t be cheap-he made $6.5 million this year, which will be his last arbitration year in 2022-and now there are not many competing teams clamoring for receivers. So when you think of a team that can be traded for him, also think about the competitors in 2022.

Potential destination: Brave. Yes, maybe this is a long shot. No one really knows how the Atlanta front desk staff is considering how to approach this transaction deadline, whether as a buyer or a seller. We will find the answer in a few weeks. But the Warriors did not get much production in the catcher position, Travis Dano was injured (and the FA after the end of the season), Wilson’s brother William recently struggled on the plate for a while. After being sent to the top three. Maybe we just want to see the Contreras brothers together.

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