Forget the penalty: the girl’s reaction to the Mount England jersey was the best moment in the European semifinals

Penalty shootout Won the 2021 European Cup semi-finals England is still the main topic, but there is another moment in that game, which will be even more memorable for a fan present.

More than 64,000 people crowded London’s Wembley Stadium to participate in the semi-final between England and Denmark, but there was only one girl in the crowd. In a corner of the stadium, she was singled out for a very special parting gift after the game.

England midfielder Mason Mount (Mason Mount) held the jersey and paid tribute to the Wembley fans with his teammates after winning. At that time, he broke through the security and walked to some of the fans and handed the jersey to a girl holding the English flag.

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Her reaction and the long hug that follow will warm your heart, no matter how you feel about punishment:

The 22-year-old Mount is a rising star in world football, proving an important part of Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City in 2021 to win the UEFA Champions League. Chelsea‚Äôs youth academy products won his first team breakthrough under the leadership of Frank Lampard in 2019 and have never looked back. Now, he has become a key part of the England national team’s first European finals.

In this 2021 European Cup game, Mount participated in four of England’s six games. After having to self-quarantine, he missed the last group match against the Czech Republic and the 16-round match against Germany because he had close contact with the positive COVID-19 case, Chelsea teammate and Scottish midfielder Billy Gilmore.

In every game he wins fans with his efficiency and quality on the field, and he has become one of the more popular figures in Chelsea and England. There is no harm in real gestures like Wednesday.

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