Tom Brady blasted Aaron Rodgers’ Packers drama during the game

Aaron Rogers and Bryson DeChambeau may have won the 2021 game by beating Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson on Tuesday, but the Super Bowl defending MVP at least shot on his quarterback opponent Several times the ball.

During the 2021 game, Brady decided to have a little trash talk with Rogers, choosing the storyline that has dominated the NFL news cycle since the end of the 2021 NFC Championship game: Rogers’s tense relationship with the Packers.

Brady seized this opportunity in a game with Buccaneers close-end Rob Gronkowski. He said he was studying his game: “The leader of the Packers… .I think.”

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Rogers still did not appear in any team events, even though the NFL calendar was near the start of the training camp. Because Rogers’ future in Green Bay is full of uncertainty, Brady can’t help but get stuck.

This is not the first time Brady has shot Rogers.Before the game started, he used “Come on” joke -Refers to Green Bay coach Matt Lafleur who decided to score a goal against Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship game instead of trying to score the fourth goal and goal with 2:05 remaining Potential draw touchdown.

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