This is what Adam Silver said to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols in a press conference

As ESPN’s Rachel Nichols continues to face backlash for her comments to colleague Maria Taylor, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he believes she ‘S career should not be taken away because of her comments.

Although Silver said in a press conference before the first game of the NBA Finals between the Suns and the Bucks that ESPN’s situation was “disheartening,” he said that people should be recognized, “especially in the long-term. State employees stand “make mistakes.”

“Careers should not be erased by a single comment. We should judge people based on the larger background of their work, who they are and what we know about them,” Silver said.

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Silver said, “It is particularly unfortunate that two women in this industry are opposed to each other,” and said that Taylor and Nichols are “very good at their jobs.”

He added that he felt that part of the problem was that ESPN couldn’t get everyone in the room to have a challenging conversation.

“I guess this happened when Rachel was in the bubble a year ago. I thought that in the past year, maybe through some very difficult conversations, ESPN would find a way to solve it,” West said. Elfer said. “Obviously not.”

Silver said he is confident in ESPN and Disney’s leadership and that the company will be able to weather the storm, but said that dealing with this issue in the sports and media industries is particularly challenging because everything is done publicly, while others In business, it is handled by the human resources department.

“These issues are not unique to ESPN. As I said, the league is solving its own problems to better deal with diversity, not only in the sports field, but also in companies across the United States. There is a liquidation in progress, “Yin said. “I think part of the reason is what we saw at ESPN. It is one thing to talk about the principles of diversity and inclusion. When it comes to someone’s specific job and how to deal with it, it’s another. I learned from It’s very complicated to deal with these issues in the NBA.”

Nichols, who is white, was later criticized A report from The New York Times On Sunday, she made comments to LeBron James’ adviser Adam Mendelson and agent Rich Paul. These comments were recorded and saved on ESPN’s servers. Blake Taylor will host the 2020 NBA Finals because of the network Yes “Feeling pressure” needs to be more diverse.

“I wish Maria Taylor all the best in the world-she reports football, she reports basketball,” Nichols said on the phone. “If you need to ask her to do more, because you feel pressured by your long and poor diversity record-by the way, I personally know it from a female side-for example, go for it. Just find it elsewhere. You will not find it from me or take my things.

“I just want them to go somewhere else-by the way, this is in my contract; the job is in my written contract.”

Nichols has Since I apologized to Taylor and others in the “jump”.

“The first thing they teach you at the School of Journalism is,’Don’t be a story.’ I don’t intend to break this rule today, nor do I intend to distract from the exciting finals,” Nichols said. “But I don’t want to let this moment pass without saying how much I respect and how much I value our colleagues at ESPN. I am deeply sorry for letting down the people I hurt, especially Maria Taylor. I am so grateful that I will become A member of this excellent team.”

ESPN announced on Tuesday During the ABC coverage of the NBA Finals, Nichols will not report on the sidelines, but will be reported by Malika Andrews. Nichols will continue to produce “The Jump” during the playoffs.

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