MLB trading rumors: five twins may trade before the July 30 deadline

The twins have high hopes for the 2021 season. In the past few months, these hopes have been steadily and painfully shattered.

There is still a week to go in July, and the club’s odds are still under 0.500-their record after losing on Wednesday is 35-50, ranking last in the American League after the Tigers and the Royals-now It’s time for a change.

The twins have five players who plan to become free agents after the season is over-players with this contract status always have potential for trading-and a few players are under contract/control for the next few seasons, their potential competition in 2021 The winner is very attractive, 2022.

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Let’s take a look at the five twins who may be relocating in the next few weeks and where they may end up. Andrelton Simmons and JA Happ may also be moved, but for 70 OPS+ shortstops or 6.09 ERA starters, the market is not big, so we will focus on the other five players.

Jose Belios, SP

Contract status: Qualified for arbitration for the last time in 2022, and become a free agent after 2023

need to know: No twin player can bring greater returns than Berrios, who is an ace player who can enter the top few of the rotation of almost any competitor. The team that tried to trade Berrios is a team that truly believes that they can win the World Series, and Berrios is one of the last pawns. The right shooter is a two-time All-Star, currently has career highs in ERA (3.36) and FIP (3.46), and-oh yes-since the sticky item ban came into effect, the ERA in the three starts has been 2.45 impact .

Potential destination: Priest. Look, the thing is this: if the twins do make Perios available, they will not trade him unless they are overwhelmed by the offer. Because if they don’t get what they want now, they can keep him and trade him in the offseason, or try to renew his contract, or get him out of the contract when they try to compete again in 2022. So you have to look not only at the teams that want an ace-type pitcher, but also at the prospects that need to make a deal. Padres has both motivation and prospects. The Dodgers may also be interested, depending on Trevor Ball’s situation.

Taylor Rogers, RP

Contract status: Qualified for arbitration for the last time in 2022, and become a free agent after 2023

need to know: In the history of baseball, I am pretty sure that no competitive team has ever been completely satisfied with the bullpen entering the trade deadline. They are not all swaying deals for rescue weapons, but they at least kicked the tires. For the twins, Rogers has always been very reliable. Since the start of the 2018 season, he has scored 2.75 ERA in 187 relief appearances. He is also a left-hander, making 50 strikeouts and as many saves as walking in 35 2/3 innings this year-7 in both.

Potential destination: As. The Bay Area’s Kelly Green team can use help in the late game, and Rogers feels very appropriate. His last year of arbitration will not be cheap-he made $6 million this year-but it is also possible that A can trade him now and then move him again in the offseason to avoid paying the 2022 salary increase.

Nelson Cruz, Department of Health

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

need to know: Of course, he is just a DH-he has just turned 41 and has not played in four games since 2018-which limits his suitors to American League teams. But this is actually the only shortcoming of Cruz, he is the same stable batter and power source as in the game. His average batting rate is again close to 0.300, with 18 home runs and 162 OPS+.

Potential destination: White Sox. Yes, many people associate Cruz with A, and it may be difficult to imagine that the Twins and the White Sox — competitors of AL Central — make such a deal. But the White Sox have been overwhelmed by their heavy hitter injury and need offensive help, especially now that DH Yermin Mercedes stopped hitting and was sent to the minor.

Michael Pineda, SP

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

need to know: Pineda missed time due to inflammation of his elbow, but returned from Illinois and entered the sixth inning against the White Sox on Wednesday. He wasn’t great-12 hits, 5 wins-but it’s not a terrible thing to get a little rusty after layoffs. In the first 11 starts this season, Pineda scored a steady 3.70 points, 8.2 strikeouts every 9 times, and 2.4 strikes every 9 times. He is not necessarily the one you want him to start trading in the second game of the playoff series, but he is the kind that can be acquired without a big prospect cost to help the team get in. Survive and enter the playoffs in the next few months.

Potential destination: Rays. I just think he will end up in places like Tampa Bay or San Francisco, doesn’t he? Maybe the Cardinals threw a tentacles?

Hansel Robles, RP

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

need to know: Robles led the Twins with 8 saves out of 10 chances, but the team that traded him is unlikely to immediately give him a role in the ninth game. However, he is a good arm that can increase the bullpen of competitors. He does have closer experience-8 saves this year and 23 saves by the Angels in 2019-36 strikeouts out of 37 innings this year. Since last week or so, the 4.38 SR rate has gone up a bit. Grades. June.

Potential destination: Philly. In the past few years, two things about the Phillies have been true-they are always around 0.500, and they always need the help of the bullpen. The same is true in 2021; they entered the game with a 41-42 record on Wednesday, but they are only four games behind the Mets in the NL East. Robles won’t cost a ton, it’s worth seeing.

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