Lionel Messi is talking trash?It happened in the Copa America penalty shoot-out against Colombia

This is Lionel Messi’s version that we don’t often see.

One of the greatest players in the world rarely gets into emotional outbursts, but decided to do it in Argentina’s semi-final penalty shootout against Colombia.

After Yerry Mina of Colombia saw his attempt blocked by Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, Messi celebrated with his teammates in the middle circle. “Dance now! Dance now!” The lip reader saw what he said when he mentioned the extension dance that Mina did when he beat Uruguay on a penalty kick in the last quarter-final.

It is believed that Messi and Mina were Barcelona teammates before Mina moved to Everton, England in 2018.

This is the above-mentioned dance of Mina after scoring a goal against Uruguay:

The PK penalty shootout between Argentina and Colombia was a necessary condition for deciding a 1-1 draw. Argentina won 3-2, thanks to goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez’s five attempts to save three times. His funny The actions will also be remembered by people.

‘Goalkeeper trash talk during the PK shootout

In this game, Argentina underwent tremendous pressure. With Brazil entering the Copa America final the day before, Argentina must pass the semifinals to arrange a heavyweight matchup that all neutral players want to see. The Argentines did their best to ensure that they won the game.

Argentina’s goalkeeper Martinez is trash talking to the Colombian every time he plays. Until the player touches the ball. Most referees may warn the goalkeeper or even deal him a card, but Martinez escaped punishment every time he kicked the ball, including Mina’s.

When the broadcaster did not talk about it, we were able to hear most of it, because fans are not allowed to participate in the America’s Cup:

“You are nervous…it looks like the ball is in front [of the PK spot] … I know you.I know where you like [to shoot the ball] …Don’t pretend to be a fool…I will stop you. “

Martinez does this every time he plays. He added a clear celebration thrust after Mina’s exemption to actually add an exclamation mark on it. No wonder the next Colombian kicker, Miguel Borja, made a small move to annoy Martinez.

It works for Martinez. The goalkeeper’s three saves in penalty shoot-outs are so rare and considered heroic.

Mina’s dance, Messi’s reaction and Martinez’s trash talk are not prime examples of sportsmanship, but they are very humane. Penalties are one of the most stressful situations in this sport, especially when the stakes are so high. In the case of Messi, from a personal point of view, the game has more meaning.

Messi must hear this in every major international match with an Argentine senior team: Lionel Messi cannot win major matches in Argentina. Although he was great, he never led them to a trophy. He cannot win outside Barcelona.

Messi is 34 years old this year. If he loses in this Copa America, the next chance will be the 2022 World Cup and then the 2024 Copa America. He will be 37 years old that year.

You can see from his performance on the court how deep his desire for the America’s Cup is. Opta averaged his championship record in 15.7 duels per game.That number Soars to 26 against Colombia.

After a brutal challenge in the second half, he injured his ankle. He has a damn sock to show it:

Getty Images

This is a video of Messi’s tackles and highlights of the rest of his game. By the way, he definitely nailed his penalty in Argentina’s penalty shootout.

Now he will face another former Barcelona teammate in the final: Neymar and rival Brazil. It was Neymar who gave us more of the unconventional sports behavior of the Copa America: before Argentina’s semi-final against Colombia, he said that he wanted to face Argentina in the final. He actually answered the question “Who do you want to face”. He called for Brazil’s nemesis.

Saturday will be fine. And it changes dynamically. The pressure has now shifted to the Brazilians, who will play at home and are expected to win. Messi and Argentina can play more loosely without a favorite label, and can even bring surprises.

Until Saturday, enjoy the full highlights of the semifinal between Argentina and Colombia:

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