USWNT players refuted the report; saying they were facing the national flag while playing the national anthem

Despite reports to the contrary, no, the members of the U.S. Women’s National Football Team did not turn their backs on World War II veterans. When he played the national anthem.

On Monday, the Montreal-based conservative publication The Millennium Post claimed that members of the team were facing 98-year-old World War II veteran Pete DuPre, who was playing on a harmonica. National anthem, Call it “shameful behavior”, Before the start of the team’s friendly match against Mexico on July 5. The American team won 4-0.

The team quickly responded to this statement, saying that many people turned to the flag at the other end of the stadium. Some members are still facing forward, looking in the same direction as Dupree.

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Star forward Carli Lloyd (Carli Lloyd) also agreed, noting that they turned because they were facing the flag, rather than moving away from the flag or Dupree.

After the game, the team met with Dupree and jointly signed a football for him.This The American Football News Agency also pointed out in another tweet “In tonight’s national anthem, no one rejected Pete Dupree, a World War II veteran.”

“Some USWNT players just looked at the flag on the pole at one end of the stadium. The players all liked Pete and thanked him individually after the game and signed him,” the tweet read.

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