The Redskins’ Nick Castellanos hit a home run in the live broadcast commemoration: “It’s never a good time to praise someone”

Ryan Lefebvre, the game-by-game announcer for the Royals, learned on Monday night that there is never a good time to praise someone in a live broadcast. He also learned that Reds third baseman Nick Castellanos had a terrible home run timing.

Lefebvre, ranked seventh, took time to commemorate George A. Gorman, a veteran of World War II and the father of the 26-year-old Royal team equipment manager Pat Gorman. George Gorman passed away on Saturday at the age of 96.

Unfortunately, for Lefebvre, Castellanos hit a home run in the first game of the first inning-it was his 17th game this year-interrupted him and forced He announced the game (which ended the game 2-2):

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“Pat, just like his father, went to (University of Kansas) and also to Bishop Ward High School… there was a drive into the left center,” Lefebvre said. “And there has never been a good time to praise someone during the broadcast. So we apologize for the timing.”

To his credit, Lefebvre immediately completed the memorial service for George Gorman and expressed condolences to Pat Gorman and his family. Soon after, he discussed Castellanos’ home run again, which was his first hit of the day:

“Well, Castellanos is 0 2 and his first two strikeouts against Mike Minor’s curveball,” Lefebvre said. “And that slider is not slippery enough-for the 17th time this year (home run).”

This is not the first time Castellanos has had a bad time hitting a home run: he also hit one in August 2020 because of the Ohio Fox Sports announcer Tom Brennerman Yes Apologize for using homophobic slander On the hot microphone. Coincidentally, Castellanos’ home run was also against Kansas City.

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