Mike Trout of the Angels talks about Shohei Otani’s most impressive trait, Major League Baseball’s goo shot

Mike Trout may have the best seat in the house.

Unfortunately, the superstar outfielder still has a calf injury, which will prevent him from playing before the All-Star Weekend. But although Trout was excluded, teammate Masahira Otani has been stealing the show, which is usually reserved for Trout — and doing things that baseball has never seen before, well, never.

However, in the past month and a half since Trout was out, he has witnessed Otani’s dominance and history-making performance-and he has avoided a little spotlight.

Sports News interviewed the Angels fielders on Tuesday to discuss several key baseball topics, including Otani, Major League Baseball’s blow to sticky matter, and his views on the current state of the Angels. (Also he listened to it in the gym.)

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(Editor’s note: Angels outfielder Mike Trout was interviewed by SN with BodyArmor Sports Drink. For the sake of space and clarity, this interview was edited.)

Sports News (SN): Shohei Ohtani has always been otherworldly-everyone thinks he is incredible. But most of the people we watch are not professional baseball players. There are even fewer baseball players like you. Have you seen what Otani does, what other people don’t notice every day?

Mike Trout (MT): Obviously, hitting the ball is so-hitting the ball is difficult. laugh. Do it for a while like he did-when he first appeared, I saw his flashes, and everyone knew he was a Japanese superstar. Just like how he did when he first came here, I knew he would be legal. Its spiritual aspect left a deep impression on me. People can’t see it. It’s too hard to hit the ball. Most of the time you will fail. Look at how he handles it. He doesn’t take one batting bat into another. He flipped the page quickly-it was just a blow.

In order to be able to do this, then eight rounds were played, eight rounds were suspended and 100 balls were thrown and the next day was played. There are so many things on his plate, and the way he handles it is incredible.

I think people take it for granted. He goes out every day, pitches every five days, plays every day, pitches and hits the ball on the days he pitches, people see it happening, “Ohtani is great” but he is experiencing, mentally, and able Deal with that. This is awesome.

I think any kid who plays baseball can see the way Otani handles everything-it’s really amazing. If you play by yourself, then you know that you must also pitch, and you will fail. You will never see him angry. He is always smiling. I am very happy with his way this year, you know, he put in all his efforts. He is such a good boy. It’s just the work he put in-it’s really amazing.

Obviously people did not see this. The statistics and pitching statistics he provided, but the most important thing is how he handles himself off the court, in the club lounge, and in the weight room. It’s incredible. Able to stay strong in everything. You know it’s beautiful and crazy.

Numbering: When he hits a home run, the voice is different.

mt: Oh yeah. Everything about him is different. of course.

Numbering: In the past month or so, one of the bigger storylines has been how Major League Baseball handled pitchers with all the stickiness. What is your opinion on how baseball handles it?

mt: Obviously, you will see a slight increase in the offensive numbers. I think it all boils down to just playing in a level playing field. I think all the pitchers agree, it’s a bit out of control. Obviously, sunscreen and rosin are a big deal. To be honest, I didn’t know Spider Tack until this year.

I keep telling people: Those who throw, for example, a person who throws a 90 with a low spin on a fastball are more likely to be hit than a person who throws a 90 with a high spin. It’s just a little different.

Guys without sticky things, I think this is positive for guys with high spin rates. Regardless of whether they use sticky substances or not, you will meet people with high spin rates. I think it’s good to remove it from the game-I think it needs it. Obviously, many people have different arguments about this, and I think it all boils down to, as I said, as long as there is a level playing field, you can start from there.

Numbering: When it comes to the equivalent of a batsman, I think a lot: the batsman does not really have such an advantage to gain such an advantage. Maybe you are talking about cork sticks or something similar. But when you see these people working harder and worse than ever, and now also using sticky things, the batsman is really powerless.

mt: I really didn’t expect anything. I think it all boils down to, now you have all the TrackMan stuff and the spin rate has gone up. Like I said, when people talk about Spider Tack, I don’t know. I had to go out and study it.

It has two aspects: if you are going there-obviously Spider Tack is a bit crazy-but if you just use things to grasp, position the ball, and better control it, that’s one thing.

But if you deliberately use it to improve your RPM, that is where you must draw a clear line. Now, like I said, just level the playing field and it’s out of control. I can’t really tell you the difference, but knowing that the rotation rate is reduced a bit, maybe you can see the difference, but I don’t know. I can’t tell you.

Numbering: When you play your way, Mike, I really don’t think it matters whether they go there with a bucket of spider nails, right?

mt: laugh.

Numbering: Since you joined the team, the Angels have not really succeeded in the playoffs, and this has been lingering in your career. Obviously this is a team sport, but as a player, how much influence does this have on you personally?

mt: All of this boils down to the playoffs and entering the playoffs.I think our current employees and the people upstairs-we have had some great general managers in the past, a big fan of Billy [Eppler], obviously. But Perry (Minasian) and his people at the front desk, they work, they have plans, they know the game well, and I believe them. We are discussing how to make this team better and how we as a whole become better from top to bottom. I think this is very important. I think on the same page-when that day comes, it’s all worth it, because of the time you put in, creating that workspace, creating that successful environment.

Everyone knows joe [Maddon], He has the mentality of winning and winning and staying relaxed in the club. I think this is the key.

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Numbering: I am from Jersey, you are from Jersey, I call it pork rolls. Is it pork roll or Taylor ham?

mt: Ah, pork rolls.

Numbering: When was the last time you ate pork rolls?

mt: laugh. can not tell you.

Numbering: Next three quick questions: First of all, you are in the gym, you are feeling excited, sweating, lifting, what is your favorite song or artist?

mt: Preferred song or artist. I have to say… Jeezy.

Numbering: I like. I’m not sure if I expect you to do this, but I like it.

mt: Yes, I am a big countryman. But if I am in the gym and I want to be irritated, it must be Jeezy.

Numbering: Pizza or taco?

mt: pizza.

Numbering: New York style or Chicago style?

mt: Go to New York and stay on the East Coast.

Numbering: I hope that Yankees fans will not lose their stuff by hearing your “New York style”, but we will wait and see.

mt: laugh.

Numbering: The rhino and the hippo had a fight. Who wins?

mt: I’m going to Rhino Yes.

Numbering: What can you tell me about the cooperation with BodyArmor?

mt: Yes, I have been working with them for some time. Since I first worked with them, their growth, the athletes they brought, and the sports drinks they upgraded every year, all have new flavors. Every year they are working hard to improve their sports drinks and I am very happy to join. I have been working on the ship for many years, and in my entire career, probably so far. I just look forward to the big things in the future and eventually become the world’s number one sports drink.

Numbering: How is BodyArmor different from other popular sports drinks?

mt: Obviously, there are a lot of sports drinks there. The biggest competitor Gatorade, but they, they are far behind us. For me: no artificial sweeteners, high potassium and low sodium. Interesting story: My dad went to a store and this was back before I went to the show. He said: “Look, look at this sports drink. It is a new drink. I think it tastes very good, very good.”

I never looked back, got in touch, and the partnership has been developing ever since. You can see that top athletes work with us every year because they know how great sports drinks are. Just look forward to annual growth and become the world’s number one sports drink.

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