After Maria Taylor’s comments, ESPN replaced Rachel Nichols as the sideline reporter for the NBA Finals

Rachel Nichols will not report on the sidelines of ABC during the NBA Finals. ESPN announced.

Nichols fell into controversy after being reported She claimed that ESPN reporter Maria Taylor (Maria Taylor) The network stated in its announcement that due to the diverse pressures the network faces, it hosted the NBA Finals last year, but will continue to host “The Jump.” ESPN’s weekday program is provided with Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson. NBA analysis.

Malika Andrews will replace ABC’s coverage of the NBA Finals. Mike Brin will continue to serve as a field-by-play commentator for analysts Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson.

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In the episode of “The Jump” on Monday, Nichols publicly apologized to Taylor And other people’s comments about her, saying that although she does not want to be a story, she also feels that she needs to seize the opportunity to resolve her comments.

“The first thing they teach you at the School of Journalism is,’Don’t be a story.’ I don’t intend to break this rule today, nor do I intend to distract from the exciting finals,” Nichols said. “But I don’t want to let this moment pass without saying how much I respect and how much I value our colleagues at ESPN. I am deeply sorry for letting down the people I hurt, especially Maria Taylor. I am so grateful that I will Be part of this excellent team.”

Perkins responded by stating that he knew Nichols was a “great man” and also said that Taylor was “very, very talented and hardworking” and that she “deserved every opportunity.”

Jefferson added that the two sides had had “difficult dialogues” and they would continue these dialogues.

“No one can forgive,” Jefferson said. “(Nichols) was not forgiven. I was not forgiven, (Perkins). This will not go away.”

Nichols’ comments were made in a phone conversation with LeBron James adviser Adam Mendelson and agent Rich Paul. According to a report in the New York Times, And upload to ESPN’s server. According to the report, dozens of employees were exposed to the video, and one of them recorded the video with a mobile phone and sent it to the company’s executives.

According to a report in The Times, Nichols said on the phone: “I hope Maria Taylor goes well in the world-she reports football, she reports basketball.” “If you need to give her more things to do, Because you feel pressured by your long-term poor diversity record-by the way, I personally know it from the female side-for example, do it. You can only find it elsewhere. You won’t find it from me or take it away My stuff.

“I just want them to go somewhere else-by the way, this is in my contract; the job is in my written contract.”

Taylor has not publicly responded to the Times report. Her contract with ESPN will expire on July 20.

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