Aaron Rodgers of the Packers has made some wise words about his silence this offseason

Aaron Rogers thinks silence is (Parker Green and) Gold.

As the NFL calendar gets closer to training camp, the Packers quarterback and Green Bay are still in a standoff, and Rogers still has not participated in all team activities. However, he has made numerous public appearances, including the Kentucky Derby and Tuesday’s “Game 4”.

In an interview with ESPN before the golf game, Rogers talked about his lack of words during the offseason:

“Sometimes the noisiest person in the room is not the smartest person,” Rogers said. “Sometimes the loudest person in the room is not the one who has all the facts on their side or the truth on their side. Sometimes there is a lot of wisdom in silence. Sometimes there is a lot of wisdom in choosing what you say.”

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Rogers’ words, no matter how realistic and true, may be an understatement of Packers president Mark Murphy.Murphy made several headlines this offseason for his handling of Rogers’ situation, including calling him “Complex guy” At the Lambeau Field event in mid-June.

Rogers said that he has been focusing on his mental health during the offseason, clarifying that he is not suffering from depression, but is committed to maintaining physical and mental health.

It is not clear what caused the rift between Rogers and the organization, but reports indicate that Rogers wants General manager Brian Gutekunst was fired.

If Rogers continues to keep his promise, then don’t expect to hear how this split started.

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