2021 Stanley Cup Finals: Lightning, Canadians fighting each other, Tropical Storm Elsa

The front line of the storm is coming-not just the surging Canadians.

While the Chargers and the Canadians are fighting on the ice, the two teams will also fight against the natural environment. Tropical Storm Elsa is hitting Tampa Bay.

“Yes, it’s no longer surprising,” Canadians coach Dominic Ducham said Tuesday morning before the team left Montreal for Florida. “I think anything that happens now and in a period of time, we just accept and observe it, and say it may be part of our destiny. This is crazy. But we are a bunch of crazy people here, and we’ll accept that challenge.”

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The Canadians extend the Stanley Cup final after winning Dramatic fourth game in overtime On Josh Anderson’s rebounds. Tampa Bay leads the seven-game series with 3-1.

“We missed an opportunity last night,” Lightning defender Ryan McDonald said. “Our team knows this. You quickly flipped the page here this morning and you realized that as a team, a team, and an organization that leads the series 3-1, this is a great opportunity. You must To win another game, you will obviously enter a place you are familiar with, and the fan base will be behind us. We must go out and try our best to win a hockey game.”

Game 5 is scheduled to be held at Amalie Arena on Wednesday at 8pm Eastern Time; Elsa will land in the morning. Wind speeds in “Sunshine City” are expected to be between 39 and 73 mph, starting as early as Tuesday afternoon. There are concerns that tropical storms may intensify as they spin over the Gulf of Mexico and become a Category 1 hurricane before hitting the city. As of 1:45 pm Eastern Time, the storm had reported wind speeds of approximately 70 mph, so hurricane observations have been ordered, According to the National Hurricane Center (75 miles per hour would make it a category 1.)

The arena is not far from the Garrison Channel.Deputy Commissioner Billy Daley told Stephen Wynow NHL “will continue to monitor and make calls when necessary. We do have some flexibility.”

“The whole season was a little messy and a little busy,” Canadian forward Corey Perry pointed out. “We went through everything between COVID and we went through some night games. Now, yes, you are right, “We May be caught in a hurricane. Hope we can get there, make sure they are safe, and we can play that game tomorrow night, and then come back here again. “

In addition to the team that traveled on Tuesday, the Stanley Cup also returned to the border. If Tampa Bay can win in front of fans on Wednesday-as of now, more than 16,000 people are expected to fill the building-it will mark the end of the 2021 NHL season. If not, the team will take a flight back to Montreal.

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