Yankees’ Alodis Chapman gives up lead after losing to Mets

Aroldis Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) forgot Sunday on Sunday, July 4th. He gave up the home run of the Rockets and was the loser in the first game of the Yankees vs. Mets doubles game. The pitcher faced red glare.

The Yankees left-hander led the seventh inning 5-4 in Sunday’s opener. After three batsmen and 15 pitches, Chapman was booed off the mound after giving up home runs, batsmen and walking.

Chapman’s first hitter Pete Alonso hit a 406-foot home run with a score of 1-2 to tie the score 5-5.

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Next came Michael Confort, and Chapman hit him 0-2. Chapman then played eight games with Jeff McNeill, and finally separated him first and second with a score of 3-2. By then, Yankees coach Aaron Boone had seen enough, and amid the boos of the home audience, he was closer to the mound.

After Chapman left, Lucas Lueć came on, but his performance was not much better. First, he let the singles load Kevin Pillar (Kevin Pillar) base. After two batsmen, Jose Perazar scored a controversial two-point double after interference from the outfield fans, allowing Conforto and McNeil to score and giving the Mets a 7-5 lead:

Even if there is no interference, the Mets may still take the lead in the game. Pillar and Peraza scored in Brandon Nimmo’s singles (Nimmo raised a base due to a throwing error by Aaron Judge), and then Francisco Lindor followed closely and scored a batter for Nimmo with RBI singles.

Mets pitcher Seth Lugo retired at the bottom of the seventh inning and kept the score at 10-5 in seven innings, benefiting the Mets. Chapman finally got this enviable statistic: zero pitches, one hit, three points. His self-report rate jumped to 4.71 this season.

Chapman can be redeemed in the second game of the doubles. Regardless, considering it was the Yankees – and how severe Chapman’s struggles have been since Major League Baseball cracked down on the illegal substances on pitchers – the bad outing caused considerable reactions on Twitter:

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