World Match Play Qualifiers will kick off at PDC Super Series 5 | Darts News

Adrian Lewis, Raymond van Barneveld, Simon Whitlock and Stephen Bunting are currently the best in the World Match Play Qualifying Tournament; the Winter Garden exhibits will be broadcast live on Sky Sports from July 17th to 25th

Last update: 05/07/21 8:20am

Two-time world champion Adrian Lewis faces a major task of qualifying for match play for the 17th consecutive year

The PDC Super Series held in Coventry this week represents the last chance for players to qualify for the World Match Play, and there are still many big names vying for their place in this summer’s darts show.

The match play will be played behind closed doors in Milton Keynes in 2020 and will return to its spiritual Winter Garden home. The 32 best players in the world will fight for the Phil Taylor trophy from July 17th to 25th. Sky Sports.

Former world champions Adrian Lewis, Raymond Van Barneveld, Stephen Bunting, Steve Beaton, and two-time world finalist Simon Whitlock are all currently outside the provisional qualifiers , There are four more games before the deadline.

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Bunting-the semi-finalist at Alexandra Palace in January-reached the semi-finals of the Players Championship 14 in Super Series 4 last month, and the “bullet” fell behind Madars Razma, who occupied the final qualifying seat-only 500 GBP.

Van Barneveld marked his return to the sport in March with his first professional tour championship in eight years. He is considering his Blackpool debut since 2018, but the legendary Dutchman is currently discounted Is 5,000 pounds.

Former semifinalist Simon Whitlock and 2013 runner-up Lewis drifted further, while Steve Beaton faced the prospect of missing a match play qualification for the first time in 21 years, unless he enjoyed a sensational four-day match at Ricoh Arena.

Raymond van Barneveld (Raymond van Barneveld) watched a fairy tale return to Blackpool, his qualifications were already 5,000 behind

Raymond van Barneveld is now returning to Blackpool (Blackpool) in a fairytale, 5,000 pounds behind in qualifying

“This is a situation of who will bear the pressure,” said Colin Lloyd, who created an astonishing 170 checks in 2005 and won the glory of the world match play.

“Will they come close to Oche thinking:’What if I just do this? What if I just do that?’ If it’s the biggest word on the planet. You can’t’if’,” he told the Darts Show podcast.

“You just need to go there and do it. Now it’s easy for me because I don’t compete there anymore, but when you start to analyze and think about it-just go play.

“If you are on the court and have achieved good results-for example in the semi-finals-you will think:’This has brought me a better world, do it again tomorrow.’

“The main thing I’ve said many times before-you can only control what you are doing. You can’t control what the players around you are doing. It’s not worth sitting there and thinking:’If I go another round, I just 50 pounds will be behind him”.

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“Don’t think like that, just go up and play. If you go in, that’s great. You will have a great summer.

“If you haven’t entered, think about yourself:’I will get some positive things out of it, I did a good job, I just missed it, but hopefully I can enter a good position next year’.

There may be as many as eight rookies in the qualifier roster for the Pro Tour, the British Open finalist Luke Humphries, the World Grand Prix runner-up Dirk Van Duivenbod, and the PDC champion Devin Peterson and Damon Herta almost guaranteed the qualifications.

“I think these 16 non-seeded players may meet our highest standards in match play,” Sky Sports darts commentator Rod Stadt added.

“They are all very good players. Some are championship winners, or of course championship finalists.”

Humphries prepares to make the first comparison play after entering the three ranked finals in 2021

Humphreys prepares to make a comparison play for the first time after entering three ranked finals in 2021

The position competition between seeded players will also be fascinating. Among the provisional No. 16 seeds, there are 12 PDC Grand Slam champions, which raises the possibility of some fascinating second-round matchups.

For now, the world’s number one Gwen Price will face his compatriot and Premier League champion Johnny Clayton in the past 16 games-both sides are eager to avoid this.

“This game will always be a very high-quality game,” Studd continued.

“According to the current rankings, Michael Smith vs. De Souza, Aspinal vs. Anderson, Van Gervin vs. Gurney, Cullen vs. Wright, Price vs. Johnny Clayton. What’s not to your liking?”

The darts are back Sky Sports Screening in July, including 9-day coverage of the iconic Winter Garden and World Match Play-the event will start on Saturday, July 17.

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