“The negotiations have been completed by 85%”-Balotelli will join the Turkish team Adana Demir Sports, claiming the club’s chairman

Mario Balotelli looks set to join the Turkish team Adana Demir Sports this summer. The club chairman claimed that negotiations have been completed “85%” because the former Italy international looks set to return to the First Division.

The veteran forward, who has spent a rich and varied career in many European clubs, played for the Serie A B team Monza in the second half of last season and almost advanced to the Serie A league.

Now, he is ready to play in his fourth different country. According to reports, he hopes to rekindle his hopes and force him to enter Robert Mancini’s idea, as the Blue Lightning chairman proposed, this home The club won promotion to the Super League. may.

What Chairman Adana said

“The negotiation with Mario Balotelli is 85% [complete],” Chairman Murat Sancak told A sports“He contacted us and told us that he wanted to come here. He will arrive in Turkey next week.”

Sancak was pleased to answer the reason why Balotelli chose to leave the European Major League, which showed that it was out of the desire to recall the international team with the Azzurri, adding that his salary would be paid. Provided by the club sponsor.

“Balotelli wants to come here to watch the World Cup,” he added. “The sponsor will pay him half of his salary.

“They say Balotelli is crazy, but no one needs to worry: we are from Adana and we will be able to manage him.”

The former golden boy turns his next career

Balotelli started his senior career in Lumezan before moving to Inter Milan as a teenager. He is known for his controversy on and off the court and his talent on the court.

As the three-time league champion of the Nerazzurri and later the Premier League champion of Manchester City, his stock has fallen sharply in recent years, from the French team Nice to Italy’s Brescia and Monza.

His hope of moving to Turkey seems to be to force him to play for his country again-considering the Azzurri’s current unbeaten status in world football, this achievement is no easy task for the 30-year-old player. Make them popular candidates to win the 2021 European Cup this month.

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