“The hatred of social media is very dangerous”-Gattuso fought back online against him becoming the Tottenham coach

Gattuso insists that he is neither a racist nor a sexist because he launched an online campaign against him during negotiations with the Tottenham Hotspur coach.

Last month, after Paul Fonseca’s failed transfer to the North London club, Tottenham turned their attention to Gattuso.

However, only 24 hours after supporters protested against the Italians, the move also failed, highlighting his previous controversial comments about same-sex marriage and women in football.

What did Gattuso say?

In the interview RepublicGattuso insisted that his previous comments were misunderstood.

He also believes that in the 2011 Champions League game against Milan, Gattuso and then Tottenham assistant Joe Jordan had a sideline battle, and Tottenham fans had a negative view of him.

“I can hardly believe this [his previous comments] The reason is that, at best, they still have pictures of me fighting Joe Jordan in 2011,” said the 43-year-old.

“Of course, I am neither a racist, nor a sexist, nor a homosexual-my old remarks have been distorted.

“Why don’t you ask my former teammates and the players I have coached about my relationship with them? I can’t waste time on stupid things, but my experience can teach something.”

The former Italy international believes that this incident highlights the dangers of social media and the damage it can cause.

“Hatred on social media is dangerous and seriously underestimated,” he added. “I am a public figure, and I have the power to react, but not everyone can bear it.

“Some people may throw themselves out of the window because they are weak. This is a serious problem. Why has no one done anything about it?

“I don’t live in the past. I have a daughter who uses social media. I just don’t understand exhibitionism. If I travel by boat or in a restaurant with my family, why post photos?

“I want to tell young people to live their own lives, not the lives of others.”

Gattuso denies connection with Mendes

Gattuso also rejected his proposal to withdraw from Florence last month due to disputes over the transfer strategy.

He only took over Fiorentina in May, but left only 23 days later. It was reported that his agent, Jorge Mendes, asked the club to target certain players.

Gattuso denied these rumors and insisted that Mendes was just a friend and not his agent, while admitting that he could not reveal the real reason behind his departure due to a non-disclosure agreement.

“he [Mendes] is a friend. He has extensive experience and provided advice for my career. I have always respected the role: the transfer market does not depend on me, but on the directors,” Gattuso said.

“I am an ambitious coach, and I want the team to have strong and powerful players, no matter who their agent is.”

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