The 4th golf odds, Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady vs. Bryson DeChambeau-Aaron Rogers prediction

The “Game” enters the fourth edition, which may be the most exciting since the original Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods duel in 2018.

This year, Mickelson will partner with his partner Tom Brady in the second “The Match” competition, and with one of the best young golfers in the game, Bryson DeChambeau (Bryson DeChambeau) confrontation. His partner will be Aaron Rodgers, who established the second NFL MVP battle in the history of the “game” (Brady vs. Peyton Manning is the first).

Brady was named Super Bowl MVP in 2021, and Rogers was named NFL regular season MVP in 2020.

There will be a lot of actions and conspiracies around these stars, and bettors will definitely want to participate. Gamblers can take advantage of some reliable bets-as “Game 4” approaches, there will be more bets.

This is a complete betting guide for “Game 4”, including odds, best prop bets and Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady vs. Bryson DeChambeau-Aaron Rogers prediction.

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‘The Match 4’betting odds

  • Bryson DeChambeau-Aaron Rogers (-182)
  • Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady (+135)

Unsurprisingly, DeChambeau and Rogers are expected to win the “fourth game.” De Chambord is the driver with the longest tee time on the PGA Tour, and the elevation change of the Montana Moonlight Basin will allow him to use his strength to his advantage. Rogers is considered a better golfer than Brady.

Nevertheless, Mickelson won the game as a heavy loser in the “match” with Tiger Woods, so Mickelson and Brady cannot be excluded, especially because of De Chambeau’s kick-off accuracy and The play around the green is varied.

Prop betting for “Game 4”

The following are the best prop bets for “Game 4”.

  • Winner of hole 1 (no tie): DeChambord Rogers (-125) | Mickelson Brady (-106)
  • First up 1 up: DeChambord Rogers (-137) | Mickelson Brady (+105)

These two bets are complementary. If there is a winner on the 1st hole, it means that a team will be ahead by one. Therefore, they are very suitable for pairing.

The first hole is a 463-yard par 4 hole, which is very difficult to descend. Although De Chambeau has a distance advantage, he may find himself in trouble if his kick-off error occurs. Mickelson can still hit the ball farther-compared with DeChambeau’s 322.4 yards, his average driving distance is 302.6 yards-although both are equally inaccurate, and the accuracy of the kick Top ranked 186th (De Chambeau) and 189th (Mickelson) respectively, but Mickelson is more likely to stay safe on the opening.

Therefore, Mickelson and Brady are better choices for the early lead. It is attractive to trust them with odds of -106 and +105.

  • Longest tee-off hole 1: Bryson DeChambeau (-200) | Phil Mickelson (+140)
  • Longest tee on the 6th hole: Bryson DeChambeau (-200) | Phil Mickelson (+140)
  • Longest kick-off on the 8th hole: Bryson DeChambeau (-200) | Phil Mickelson (+140)

DeChambeau averages nearly 20 yards more than Mickelson per tee. The first hole is 463 yards, the 6th hole is 633 yards, and the 8th hole is 500 yards. DeChambeau will blast his driver as hard as possible, trying to shorten the holes.

Can Mickelson surpass him once in this game? Of course, especially if DeChambeau has a problem. But in most cases, betting on Dechambeau in a driving race is reckless. Believe that he is the favorite of these three scenes.

  • Lead after six holes (no tie): DeChambord Rogers (-137) | Mickelson Brady (+105)

As mentioned earlier, the sixth hole is 633 yards and is the second longest hole on the court. After that hole, DeChambeau and Rogers should lead because DeChambeau can shorten the course more easily than Mickelson. In this case, he is worthy of trust, even if we are a little worried about his performance on the first hole with Rogers.

Phil Mickelson vs. Bryson DeChambeau

Mickelson has ups and downs recently. In May, he won the PGA Championship at the Kiawah Island Stadium, but then shot 11 at the US Open and failed to qualify. In other words, Mickelson has advanced in four of the last five games of the Rockets Mortgage Classic this week.

Deschamps is more stable than Mickelson. In the past 10 games, he has not missed the promotion, and has entered the top 10 in three of the games. He is a great driver, but his lack of accuracy on the tee and his offensive style up and down left him in a difficult position.

The 27-year-old DeChambeau is considered a better golfer at this stage of his career than the 51-year-old Mickelson.De Chambord ranked fifth Official World Golf Ranking And Mickelson checked in on the 31st. This explains why DeChambeau has a much better chance of winning the British Open (20-1) than Mickelson (66-1).

The fact that DeChambeau faced Mickelson in the “match”, and the fact that his amateur partner may also have an advantage in his game, helped his situation.

Tom Brady vs Aaron Rogers

Brady may be the greatest quarterback of all time. He and the Buccaneers defeated Rogers and Packers twice last year-this is the second time in the NFC Championship game-for Brady to win the seventh Super Bowl. champion.

But Rogers defeated Brady in golf. His best handicap is 3.5, while Brady’s is about 8.1. However, Rogers thinks Brady is better than this.

“I don’t think Brady is a No. 8 player. I played with him and he is good,” Rogers said in an interview with Golf Magazine. “I played with all these people. Tony [Romo]A great player.Matt [Ryan] And I—I have beaten him several times, and he has beaten me several times. “

Rogers plays golf more competitively than Brady, especially recently. Rogers tied for ninth in the 2020 Pebble Beach Professional Amateur Matching Tournament. He won the top ten in collaboration with Max Homa.

Brady has played golf with players like Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, but his only advantage over Rogers is that he has previously participated in “matches” with Mickelson. Therefore, 37-year-old Rogers has an advantage over 43-year-old Brady.

Prediction for “Game 4”

It’s hard to play against Brady and Mickelson. They are all historical winners in their respective sports, and have had the experience of playing together in the “competition”.

But this course brought De Chambeau’s strength into play. It is very long, but it is also 7,500 feet above sea level, so he can shorten it a bit. As mentioned earlier, Rogers is an excellent golfer himself.

Mickelson won the tournament twice as a weaker, so “Game 4” should be competitive. But I hope Dechambeau and Rogers can be among the best.

Award winner: Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rogers

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