Mayor of Tampa: Lightning should allow Canadians to “win one” to win the Stanley Cup at home

The Chargers are only one victory away from winning the Stanley Cup for the second time in a row, but the mayor of Tampa does not want them to go too fast.

Mayor Jane Castor told reporters on Sunday that she hopes the Chargers will postpone their Stanley Cup win in Montreal and wait until a potential fifth game in Tampa on Wednesday.

“We hope the Chargers can relax and give the Canadians minimum rest time, let them win a game at home, and then take it back to the Amaliya Arena for the final and win the championship. The Stanley Cup, but we don’t want to go beyond Yourself,” Custer said, according to Spectrum Bay News 9. “But they are playing some amazing hockey.”

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Due to Canadian travel restrictions, Lightning fans living in the United States cannot go to Montreal to watch the Stanley Cup final, as the border will be closed before July 21 and all non-essential travel between the two neighboring countries will be prohibited. The ban even extends to the families of Lightning players. The NHL and NHLPA lobbied the Canadian government to make an exception for the team’s family members, but the border is still closed to all people living in the United States. According to ESPN.

In addition to the obvious fact that the team is not allowed to deliberately throw the game, the Chargers certainly don’t want to give the Canadians any chance to make a comeback. Only one team in the Stanley Cup final came back from a 3-0 disadvantage-the Maple Leafs defeated the Red Wings in 1942-but the fact that happened before was that one team did not want to be the second team The whole reason for it to happen.

Tampa dominates the series against Montreal. The Chargers defeated the Canadians by a total score of 14-5 in the first three games, because they hope to win the Stanley Cup for the second time in a row and finish third in team history.

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