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Four non-league teams rooted in the South Asian community played a unique friendly match over the weekend.

Lester Nirvana, Bangladesh United Gathered with Sporting Khalsa at Steve Cook Stadium-home of Punjab United Gravesend-to participate in the Non-League Diversity Football Festival, organized by Kent Football Association, Football Supporters Association, Kick It Out, Football Association and charity partner Cohesion Plus stand by.

Traditional Indian drummer King of dor Leading all four teams on the court, Tan Dhesi, the country’s most well-known Sikh parliamentarian, delivered the opening speech before the start of the round robin.

The two sides played three 60-minute matches, Leicester Nirvana faced off Northern Premier League team Karlsa Sports In the final on the home court.

Nirvana began life as the Leicester Red Star team as early as the 1980s. It is the oldest of the four teams. The football history between them has exceeded 100 years.

Kelsa Athletic is one level higher than Nirvana in the fourth stage (the eighth tier of English football) and is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a football club this season. They won 3-1 in the final match and raised the trophy.


Ricky Cheema, co-founder of Punjabi Villans, said that the South Asian community in the UK has a “pure love” for Arjan Raikhy because the young man will play for Aston Villa in the FA Youth Cup final against Liverpool.

Punjab United Gravesend Club Secretary Jindi Benwitt told Sky Sports News: “For our club, this is a great event to compete with some of the best South Asian teams in the country. Their clubs are different.

“We have four complete player squads with a very large number of participants. The mayor and congressmen are also present. There is no doubt that events like this will inspire other clubs and other players from South Asian backgrounds-especially in Ethiopia And its surrounding areas and here in Kent-more involved in football.

“I hope we can build on this success next year and expand the tournament to the Smeswick Wanderers, Albion Sports and other South Asian semi-professional teams across the country. The important thing is that we work together Move forward.”

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