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Ajla Tomljanovic suggested that Jelena Ostapenko “lied” during the third-round clash at Wimbledon, and her opponent responded by calling her “disrespectful” and calling her “the worst player on the tour”

Last update: 04/07/21 11:30am

Ajla Tomljanovic’s third round victory over Jelena Ostapenko had an ugly ending

“You know she’s lying, right?” Ajla Tomljanovic said, because opponent Jelena Ostapenko called a medical timeout when he fell 4-0 in the final set of the third round at Wimbledon on the sixth day.

On Saturday, Tomglianović finally got an ugly end with a score of 4-6 6-4 6-2, and then Ostapenko criticized him for “bad behavior” in a handshake before the net after the game. “.

Tomglianović responded: “You are a person who can talk!” The 2017 French Open champion Ostapenko fought back, accusing the 28-year-old player of “zero respect” and then gave her when he withdrew Label the court as the “worst player on the tour”.

Ostapenko vs. Tom Lianovic (PA)

Ostapenko vs. Tom Llanovic (PA)

After recovering from a set conceded, Tomljanovic equalized the score and was preparing to lead 5-0 in the third quarter. At the time, Ostapenko requested medical treatment due to an unknown injury, resulting in a suspension of 11 minute.

For Tomljanovic, this is not expensive because she saw a fourth round victory against British teenager Emma Raducanu, who defeated Sorana Cirstea 6-3 7-5 on Saturday to continue her debut.

“I have encountered situations where players use medical timeouts to let their opponents off the court, usually when they lose badly or the game is nearing the end,” Tomglianović said after the game. “She can say that she was injured. I don’t think she was injured. She had no problems throughout the game, but why did she say that at 4-0?

“So I think this is a clear reason why she wants me to withdraw from the game. Usually if you are dealing with an injury, at least that’s how I deal with it, you might say,’Hey, can you call me? The physiotherapist is next A conversion? When your opponent is about to serve and may lead 5-0, you don’t just sit down.

“As far as the game is concerned, from my point of view, she has no problems. I have played against her and I have played many people. I know when someone is injured and when not.”

Tomglianovic returns to Ostapenko (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali)

Tomglianovic returns to Ostapenko (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali)

Ostapenko recently defeated Arnet Kontavit in the final in Eastbourne. She also revisited the incident at the post-match press conference, repeatedly labeling her opponents “No”. Respect” label.

“First of all, she can’t say anything, because she knows nothing about my injury. First of all, she knows nothing,” the Latvian said.

“Second, in my opinion, this is a very, very disrespectful aspect of her, because every player who plays tennis or any other sport can be injured. So she can’t say anything unless she knows anything from a physical therapist. Doctors.

“This is a very, very disrespectful aspect of her, because she knows nothing about everything I have experienced, my injuries and everything. Of course, maybe I have played a lot of games since Eastbourne. Of course, I Some very good victories were achieved. I think my level today is like, not very good after the first set, because if I play at least 50%, I will beat her.”

At the same time, Tomljanovic considered Ostapenko’s comments as “shameful behavior” and “ridiculous”, and pointed out that she hopes to see changes in the rules when similar incidents occur.

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