Who is in the home run derby? 2021 participants confirmed to participate in the competition

After a year of interruption, the power of Major League Baseball has once again been shown.

Coors Field fans will watch some of the best powerful batsmen hit the ball in the thin air of Denver, Colorado in the 2021 Home Run Derby.

As the days get closer, there is an increasing expectation for who will be hacked the day before the All-Star Game to become the latest champion.

Sports News is tracking who confirmed that they will put the baseball into orbit at Coors Field on Monday, June 12.

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Who promised to participate in the 2021 home run derby?

So far, the field may not look like the MLB home run leaderboard, but the promised name is exciting.

Angel two-way talent Shohei Ohtani As of July 4, he led the majors with 30 home runs, and he defeated twice in Friday’s game against the Orioles as he continued his most extraordinary campaign to date. He was the first person to commit to joining the field.

The defending home run derby champion will also appear, hoping to become the first back-to-back champion since Yoenis Cespedes in 2013 and 2014. Mets first baseman Pete Alonso Said that he will swing at the Coors Field after winning the 2019 championship. This year, his maximum exit speed of 119 puts him tied with Aaron Judge for the most hit baseball this year. According to baseball experts.

A total of three batsmen won the game on their home court: Ryan Sandburk (Wrigley Field, 1990), Todd Fraser (The Great American Baseball Stadium, 2015) and Bryce Harper (2018). The story of Rocky Mountain shortstop Trevor Hope to be the 4th. Since breaking into the major leagues in 2016, only Nolan Arenado, Manny Machado, JD Martinez and Nelson Cruz hit homers in their home runs by Bistori and him in Chur There are even more 88 teams in the stadium.

This is a season of storybooks Orioles first baseman TremanciniA year after beating cancer, Mancini spent a productive season with the Baltimore lineup and will now show his power in a home run derby. Mancini has established himself as a top power hitter and became the fastest Orioles in team history to reach 100 home runs in 531 games earlier this year.

The catcher does not often appear in home run derby, but Salvador Perez Will play his role in this year’s competition.Perez may be one of the most unfortunate heavy hitters so far this season The baseball expert gave him 24.5 expected home runs There have been only 20 shots so far, which is tied for the fourth-largest gap between actual home runs and expected home runs.

Participant team Home run Maximum distance
Shohei Otani angel 30 470
Pete Alonso metropolis 13 443
Trevor’s story the Rocky Mountains 10 466
Trey Mancini Orioles 15 451
Salvador Perez Royals 20 460

*Statistics will be updated before the start of the game on Sunday, July 4th

Who won’t swing in Derby?

Some players have stated that they will not participate in the 2021 home run derby.

Among them, one of the players most likely to be disappointed is Guerrero, who staged a show in the 2019 home run derby and then lost to Alonso in the final. Hazel Mae reports on Twitter. Padres star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., According to Annie Heilbrunn of the San Diego Union Tribune, Yankees heavy hitters Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez also chose to withdraw. According to CBS Sports. Javier Baez of the Cubs also confirmed that he will not participate. According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers.

Has any pitcher participated in a home run derby?

There has never been a pitcher game in a home run derby. However, soon, this will no longer be the case, because Ohtani has promised to take his hacking action during the game.

As far as baseball performance is concerned, Otani is of course a completely unusual person. Only Babe Ruth hit more home runs in 1919. These players also had at least 10 starts on the mound. At the time, he played 29 times, 15 starts and 17 appearances throughout the season, while at 133.1. Strikes out in the game. Ohtani has 28 home runs and has started 11 games while hitting 82 in 59.1 innings.

What channel is the 2021 home run derby?

ESPN will perform a home run derby before Fox broadcasts the All-Star Game the next day. Those who wish to live stream the event can watch it on ESPN+ or fuboTV, the latter offers a 7-day free trial.

When is the home run derby?

  • date: Monday, July 12
  • time: 8 p.m. EDT

Derby will start at 8pm Eastern Time and 6pm Eastern Time, setting the background of the evening event as the sunset in Denver.

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