Snow Lantern performs task for Hannon in Falmouth | Motorsports News

On Friday, when Snow Lantern wins the gold medal in the Tattersalls Falmouth Championship, Richard Hannon will seek some “closures” of Newmarket.

Frankel Mare is the daughter of Sky Lantern. In 2013, she tied for second place in the first group of Hannon’s father Richard in 2013.

Hannon believes that Sky Lantern should be rewarded for the competition, but he will expect Snow Lantern to correct her mistakes and continue her rapid ascent this semester.

Snow Lantern played only once in her teenage years-but made significant progress in 2021, winning the Newbury debut, then slightly disappointed in the York game, and crowned in her first group debut In the championship, he bounced back to the non-alcoholic competition with second place.

Hannon said: “We were disappointed with the Sky Lantern that day. I think we should participate in the race, but we did not, but we defeated the elusive Kate in the Sun Chariot Championship later this season.

“Snow Lantern didn’t win 1,000 Guinea like her mother did, but she hopes to go there and win the victory that her mother didn’t but should have won. It would be great if she could do it.

“She is as fresh as a daisy. It would be great if she could win the game as her mother deserves. She is in good health, enough to win such a game.

“There is a score to be resolved there, and it will give us some kind of end.”

Sky Lantern retired as the first group champion four times, including her 2013 classic champion. Although Snow Lantern has a lot to do to match her achievements, Hannon believes she can rise to the challenge.

He added: “She is currently smaller than her mother, but she is just right. She is Frankel among the champions of Guinea. She is really the image of her mother. I have never known similarities so much.

“She is a pretty sturdy little mare. The speed is a bit higher than her mother, because she is Frankel, but she is easily as good as her mother.”

Lusail will also shine in Newmarket this week. Hannon supports Mehmas’s son to participate in the second set of Tattersalls July tournament on Thursday.

He won seven wins on the track last month-but Hannon believes that coming back during the trip may be the best course.

He said: “I think he may be a six-furlong horse, but we don’t know whether it will be in the July championship or the highest championship.

“We let him work from home first, and then from there. He still doesn’t wear a jacket, but he has been like this all his life.

“He had a good result in York, and then I don’t know what went wrong with Pontefract, but it is true. He plans to go to Newmarket for one of the two games, but at the moment I am considering the July tournament.

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