Nathan Hot Dog Eating Competition Live Results: Tracking the winners of 2021 and the total number of hot dogs consumed

Can Joey Chestnut surpass last year’s performance?

After he ate 75 hot dogs and bread last year, breaking his own record of eating the most hot dogs in a single game, all eyes will be on him in the 2021 Nathan hot dog eating competition. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is not open to spectators and he is working behind closed doors.

This year, he will perform in front of fans at Maimonides Park on Coney Island. Chestnut hopes to win the wasabi belt for the sixth time in a row in the men’s competition. After Miki Sudo, the champion of the last seven women’s competitions, announced that he will not participate in the competition this year, the women’s competition will be crowned a new champion and expect her first child.

Sports News is tracking the live results of Sunday’s hot dog eating contest.

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Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2021 live results, winners

12:30 noon: The male contestants will participate in today’s hot dog eating contest.

12:12 PM: Eric “The Wasteland” Booker won the first sudden game before the hot dog eating contest started.

12:04 PM: It’s time for the men’s competition to begin. Can Joey Chestnut break the record of 75 strokes he set last year?Of course he is Hot this year.

11:51 am: According to official statistics, Michelle Lesco is the famous women’s champion of Nathan in 2021.

the end Diners Hot dogs and buns
1 Michelle Lesko 30 3/4
2 Sarah Rodriguez twenty four
3 Larrell Marie Mailer 18 3/4

11:48 am: According to unofficial statistics, Lesco won the women’s competition. At the age of 23, she ate 31 hot dogs and buns with Rodriguez.

11:47 am: In the last minute, Lesco led with 28 points, Rodriguez led with 21 points, and Mailer led with 17 points. Katie Pritman is the only diner to reach double digits with 15 points.

11:46 am: Lesco started to lead and now leads Rodriguez with 25 points by 19 points and Mele is two minutes behind with 16 points.

11:44 am: Lesco was the first player to score 20 points with 4 minutes left in the women’s game.

11:43 am: Halfway through the women’s game, Lesco was 18 years old, Rodriguez was 15 years old, and Mele was 12 years old.

11:41 am: All three diners reached double digits. Lesco leads with 14 points, Rodriguez is second with 13 points, and Larrell Marie Mailer is third with 10 points, with about 6 minutes left in the game.

11:39 am: Lesco completed 7 hot dogs in the first minute and took the lead. Sarah Rodriguez is close behind.

11:37 am: The women’s competition is underway. Michelle Lesco, the world’s No. 9 eater, is the favorite to win this year.

11:30 am: Before the start of the 2021 competition, diners who are ready to feast on the women’s hot dog competition will be introduced.

What time is the hot dog competition today?

  • Starting time: 11:30 a.m. EDT
  • TV channel: ESPN/ESPN3 (TSN3/TSN4 in Canada)
  • live: ESPN+ | Fubo TV

The women’s hot dog contest will start at 11:30 am EST on Sunday, while the men’s contest will start at noon. The women’s game will be broadcast on ESPN3, and reports on the men’s game will be broadcast on ESPN. According to ESPN.

Mike Golic Jr. will play the broadcast one by one. Sudo and Richard Shea of ​​Major League Eating will provide analysis. ESPN’s Jason Fitz will report.

Eating hot dog competition TV schedule

ESPN will broadcast Sunday and Monday replays of the food and beverage game on ESPN2 and ESPNews.

The internet date Time (ET)
ESPN2 Sunday, July 4 4 pm
ESP News Sunday, July 4 18:00
ESP News Monday, July 5 11 o’clock in the morning
ESP News Monday, July 5 17:00

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