NASCAR’s live race update at Road America, the results of the 250 racehorse made in the United States

NASCAR will travel to Plymouth, Wisconsin to participate in the July 4th race, which will be held on the track called Road America.

The U.S. Jockey Maker 250 event held by KwikTrip on Sunday will be the first NASCAR Cup series event on the track; the last time NASCAR’s premier track was in 1956, when it was called the “Grand National”.

In any case, Sunday’s race-one of only seven road tracks in the 2021 season-provided a chance for non-Hendrick racing teams to board the checkered flag after a four-week suspension. Before Kyle Larson won the first game of the double header in Pocono on June 26, his teammate Alex Bowman won three consecutive victories.

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Drivers have only seven games in the regular season schedule-including Sunday-to get a place in the 16-car playoffs. Only 11 drivers have won the NASCAR race this season, leaving enough room for the other 5 drivers to get a place. Assuming there will be more repeat winners, then the top unwinner drivers—Danny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, Taylor Redick and Austin Dillon—must Consolidate his good position in the subsequent games.

Sports news is tracking real-time updates and lap highlights NASCAR’s game in the U.S. road race on Sunday. Follow the live broadcast of the 62-lap, 250-mile American-made 250 racehorse:

Real-time updates and highlights of NASCAR on Road America

All time east

3:34 PM: The 17th lap starts again. Austin Cindric, Matt DiBenedetto, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr. and Bubba Wallace ranked in the top five.

3:18 PM: Sure enough, the stage ends here. William Byron won with caution. Your top 10:

  1. William Byron
  2. Ajay Allmentinger
  3. Kyle Larson
  4. Taylor Redick
  5. Rose Chastain
  6. Danny Hamlin
  7. Christopher Bell
  8. Alex Bowman
  9. Kurt Busch
  10. Chase Eliot

3:15 pm: Although the action is paused…Look at this bumper camera on the American road track:

3:14 PM: Oh oh. Austin Dillon was arrested for speeding in the pit lane. He will start again from behind.

3:11 PM: Note 2 (Circle 12). Kyle Tilley got stuck in a gravel pit after turning too fast. This may be a recurring theme today. There are only three laps left in the stage, so NASCAR can decide to end the stage here.

3:05 PM: Kyle Larson passed the ball too fast:

3:02 pm: Now Ryan Preece has a problem. Car #37 is driving towards the garage, and the engine is reported to have exploded. Preece entered Sunday’s game, ranking 23rd, with a playoff deadline of 189 points.

2:54 PM: Lap 5 restarted, with Byron and Larson taking the lead.

2:49 PM: Warning 1 (Lap 3). Well, shoot. Daniel Suarez’s car stalled due to gearbox problems when entering turn 6. He entered today’s game in 18th place, 42 points below the deadline. It looks like his team is trying to get him back there.

2:44 PM: They are gone!

NASCAR starts today

  • race: Jockey American Made 250 Presented by KwikTrip
  • date: Sunday, July 4
  • time: 2:40pm EST (TV time)

The green flag for Sunday’s game will drop at approximately 2:49 pm Eastern Time.

NASCAR’s starting lineup in the U.S. road race

NASCAR uses two qualifying rounds to determine the starting lineup for Sunday’s Road America race, the American-made Jockey 250 provided by KwikTrip. The 12 fastest cars in the first round advanced to the second round, with 40 cars participating.

Starting position. driver Car number team
1 William Byron twenty four Hendrick Motorsport
2 Kyle Larson 5 Hendrick Motorsport
3 Ajay Allmentinger 16 Corrig Racing
4 Taylor Redick 8 Richard Childress Racing
5 Austin Sindrick 33 Penske Team
6 Danny Hamlin 11 Joe Gibbs Racing
7 Matt DiBenedetto twenty one Wood Brothers Racing
8 Rose Chastain 42 Chip Ganassi Racing
9 Martin Trux Jr. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing
10 Alex Bowman 48 Hendrick Motorsport
11 Daniel suarez placeholder image 99 Track racing
12 Chris Buscher 17 Roush Fenway Racing
13 Christopher Bell 20 Joe Gibbs Racing
14 Joey Logano twenty two Penske Team
15 Colcaster 41 Stewart-Haas Racing
16 Kurt Busch 1 Chip Ganassi Racing
17 Ryan Blaney 12 Penske Team
18 Michael McDowell 34 Front row motorsport
19 Arik Almirola 10 Stewart-Haas Racing
20 Brad Keselowski 2 Penske Team
twenty one Eric Jones 43 Richard Petty Motorsport
twenty two Justin Haley 77 Spire motorsport
twenty three Corey Rajoy 7 Spire motorsport
twenty four Anthony Alfredo 38 Front row motorsport
25 Kevin Harvick 4 Stewart-Haas Racing
26 James Davidson 15 Rickwell Racing
27 Josh Bilic 52 Rickwell Racing
28 Ryan Newman 6 Roush Fenway Racing
29 Cody Sanitary Ware 51 Small car
30 Kyle Tilly 78 Live fast racing
31 Ryan Eversley 53 Rickwell Racing
32 Ryan Price 37 JTG Doherty Racing
33 Quinnhof 00 Star letter racing
34 Chase Eliot 9 Hendrick Motorsport
35 Chase Briscoe 14 Stewart-Haas Racing
36 Bubba Wallace twenty three 23XI Racing
37 Austin Dillon 3 Richard Childress Racing
38 Ricky Stenhouse Jr 47 JTG Doherty Racing
39 Tedion 96 Gunter Brothers Racing
40 Kyle Busch 18 Joe Gibbs Racing

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