Cam Davis wins the first PGA Tour title with a dramatic playoff victory at the Rockets Mortgage Classic | Golf News

Cam Davis defeated Troy Merritt on the 5th additional playoff hole and won his first PGA Tour title in the Rockets Mortgage Classic; Joaquin Nieman was also in the playoffs In, but bogeyed in the first hole and was eliminated.

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Cam Davis (left) won the breakthrough PGA Tour Championship in Detroit

Cam Davis won his first PGA Tour championship after winning the Rockets Mortgage Classic after a long playoff game.

The Australian caught the eagle birdie on the last two holes and shot 67 at the Detroit Golf Club, 5 under par, and saw him tied for top spot with Joaquin Nieman and Troy Merritt, 18 under par. .

The players returned to the par-4 on the 18th hole and entered the playoffs. Nieman did not bogey on 72 holes, but failed to swallow the grass area at the back of the green. Bogey.

Troy Merritt scored a hole-in-one in the third round on Saturday

Troy Merritt hits a hole-in-one in the third round on Saturday

Davis failed to throw a 6-foot birdie on the first overtime hole and almost missed it at 20 feet on the second hole. He played on the par-3 on the 15th hole, where Merritt had an excellent sanding. Pit saves to extend the game time.

Merritt recovered from a free kick on the third additional hole, squeaked at 6 feet to save the par, and took the two to the par-5 hole of the 14th hole. The two players made two putts. After Ling found two little birds.

The two returned to the 15th hole to enter the fifth hole of the playoffs, where Davis wasted another chance to catch a birdie, but when Merritt failed to get off the green, his victory was confirmed.

“For me, it was very busy from the 17th hole,” Davis said. “I tried to take it to heart as much as possible and hit every shot as best as I could. It sounds simple, but when the pressure is so high, it’s difficult to do. I didn’t push in any putts. , But I’ve been playing, so it works very well.”

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Davis started falling behind on the first day. When he swallowed a 2-putt birdie on the 5th hole, he bogeyed on the 9th hole and slipped further. As a result, he made a 20-foot putt on the 12th hole. It triggered a surge in the back nine holes.

Ranked No. 134 in the world, he birdied the next two holes and responded to an untimely three-put bogey on the 16th hole. Then he played a spectacular bunker hole on the par five. The Eagles made the last one. The 6-foot birdie set the club goal to be under 18 years of age.

Cam Davis will enter the world's top 100 with his victory

Cam Davis will enter the world’s top 100 with his victory

The overnight co-leader Merritt caught four birdies in his last six holes and regained his advantage, while Niman birdied consecutively from the 16th hole and completed the trio after 72 holes. Ranking.

The Swedish player Alex Nolen shot an 8-under 64 in the round of the game, and finished one shot in tied for fourth place. Hank Lebioda failed to find the last five holes. After the birdie, he also shot 17 under par.

With a 64 in the final round, Baba Watson tied for sixth with Brandon Haji, while Ireland’s Simos Ball scored 67 with no bogey and tied for eighth at the end of the week.

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