Ukraine 0-4 England: Player ratings in the quarter-finals of the Euro 2020 | Football News

Jordan Pickford-7

He left them out for a save to either side at the halftime, but then he completely hashed what should have been a relatively simple rescue, and when England’s dream of a 4-0 lead entered the dream, it looked abnormal. The fanaticism and exhaustion of the quarter-finals.

Kyle Walker-5

The only real concern for England’s performance. Yaremchuk provided a hasty, casual pass for Ukraine’s early chances, and he stood up and watched the ball before the break so that Yaremchuk reached the sideline too casually.

John Stones-7

Unable to stop Yaremchuk from getting rid of his early shot, the most insecure area in England is on the Stones-Walker side of the pitch. In other words, so far, the England team’s defense has been impeccable in the championship, and Stones has always been the symbol and core of this effort.

Harry Maguire-8

The goal was supposed to be scored against the German team, but after the intermission, he scored with a header and effectively resolved the game. Not tested defensively, but confident enough to push the ball forward several times in the first half to anger the Ukrainians who camped.

Luke Shaw-9

outstanding. Xiao doesn’t often break into the last third, but he has impressive skills and can perfectly grasp the timing. Unfortunately, twice in the first half pulled back space on the far post, and then again when he picked Sancho. But in these four minutes of delirium, when he followed Maguire’s goal with his lovely set kick and Kane’s second goal, he became England’s most creative player.

Calvin Phillips-6

The climax of the event remains the same that He performed well in the game against Croatia, but again neatly in possession, showing good discipline without it. One of the three English players had a substitute break at the same time-in the case of Phillips, suspended protection-for half an hour.

Declan Rice-7

Sudden effort almost put Bushkan in trouble, but Rice’s real value for England lies in his clearing up in front of the two central defenders, as well as directing the traffic and the flow of the game when he is in possession. It can only be assumed that his early substitution is because he has a reservation before the suspension.

Mason Hill-8

Compared to England’s first group match, he is closer to Kane, but his first half highlight came when he saw the danger of the Ukrainian threatening to clear his penalty area. After the intermission, the frontcourt was much more efficient, taking the ball into the third position of the England team, and then taking a corner kick for Henderson’s header.

Raheem Sterling-9

Finished all his key work before the break, but there is no doubt that Sterling is the best player of the England team so far, and if he continues like this, he is also considered a player of the championship in the real competition.

Of course, one of the more interesting questions that emerged this summer is why he hasn’t played for Manchester City for so long-or indeed so-for so long. Confidence? system? stand by. The change is significant.

Jaden Sancho-7

He was selected because of his ability in one-on-one situations, so England had a right-footed outside line on the right wing, but when he went inside and contacted Sterling and Shaw, it turned out that he was in the most dangerous state. It is not possible to take a snapshot of Shaw directly from the cut on either side of Bushkan-if it enters, it will definitely be given in the VAR review. It is quieter after the rest.

Harry Kane-9

Kane celebrates England’s goal against Ukraine

If their own game is to ignite, England needs their captain to fire, it turns out. The early clinical performance proved why he was so important to the German team’s late goals, and his header did not go wrong after five minutes of the second half; Kane’s chance conversion rate is still very, very good. Just being rejected by your fingertips can save a 60-minute hat trick. Welcome back to the £100 million price tag.


Jordan Henderson-8

Good time to score your first England goal. The header is also good.

Kieran Trippier-6

This is the second time he has participated in the game as a left-back. Who can predict this?

Marcus Rashford-6

The problem with Rashford in England is that Southgate now obviously only sees him as a left forward. Currently, no one is ahead of Sterling.

Jude Bellingham-6

He is an 18-year-old player who is participating in the quarter-finals of the European Championship. These are some stories. As always, after replacing Phillips, he seemed completely unhurried—and his opponent.

Dominique Calvert-Lewin-Not Applicable

In view of the fact that the team completely facing Germany has omitted the last 18 minutes.

What’s the next step?

England will face Denmark in the semi-finals of the 2020 European Cup in Wembley at 8pm on Wednesday.

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