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The stress-free England told the fans: “Guys, don’t worry, we know it”

This is a moment to rub your eyes. Look at the upper left corner of the screen. Ukraine 0-4 England. There are still 30 minutes to play before the quarter-finals of a major event.

Gareth Southgate’s team makes it look like an ordinary qualifier against a less popular team in Europe. That’s cool. Very calm. This is very collected. This group of players is making history and dragging their long-suffering supporters. Few England teams are trusted to do this work.

How far the country has gone on the court. Let us not forget that this is the same England team, who unfortunately witnessed their defeat of Iceland 2-1 in the last European Championship, all these people criticized it. The shame of the national sports world. The future looks bleak. Harry Kane was taking a corner kick that day. Jack Wilshere hits midfield. The faded Wayne Rooney (Wayne Rooney) surpassed his best.

But in just over five years, the narrative has changed from humiliation to heroism.

Southgate’s team reached the semi-finals of the Championship for the second time in a row. The semi-finals at Wembley. Kane is back on the list of goals, Raheem Sterling keeps his life, Jordan Pickford has not conceded a goal in this game, thanks to Harry Maguire’s With a huge presence, he must be the best central defender in the world knocking on the door. This is his dominance in the duel between the two penalty areas.

They did this with so many talents. Not many countries can let Phil Foden, Jack Grarich, Jude Bellingham, Marcus Rashford and Jordan Henderson leave and still be able to win in major tournament knockouts success. Hey, England can even make tactical substitutions to protect those who have already booked. This is almost ridiculous.

“It’s okay, we have these guys,” is the message from England players to the fans through their performance. Same again on Wednesday, please.
Lewis Jones

Earning England’s pound may be Manchester City’s signing this summer

Raheem Sterling is the best player in the tournament, anyone? The odds are definitely shrinking.

Sterling is likely to be a bystander of England’s fireworks in the second half, but it was the Manchester City striker who provided the spark at the beginning of the game, when his running and clever passing created Kane’s opener. This is the hallmark of the Stirling Championship: whenever he gains possession, he is determined to work hard to make these things happen. From the first minute, he was a dangerous man in England.

It is curious that Raheem Sterling in the summer of 2020 is very different from Raheem Sterling who lost his form and position in the Manchester City team in the spring of 2020. A reminder that Sterling’s critics refused to mention in recent days is that Sterling only scored once in his last 16 games for the club, and his last appearance was in the Champions League final. The disastrous performance of being bullied and yielded by Rees James. In this case, the debate about Sterling’s starting position in the England team this summer is justified.

But that was then. Turning to the here and now, offering a penny or two for Guardiola’s idea. When the city boss needed him most in Porto, where was the pound? Does just playing for England seem to be able to play the best in Sterling? Is this the existence of a true center? Was it the support he got from Southgate? Is it a difference in style, England’s wingers are obviously encouraged to take their place instead of keeping the loop of passing and moving?

“It’s just happiness, just happiness, enjoying my football, this is what I do in the national team,” GBP He talked about his rejuvenating state last week.

Any suggestion that Sterling leaves Manchester City this summer must now be cancelled. But the Manchester City boss must be wondering what else he can do to motivate Sterling to replicate his country style for his club when he returns to his domestic duties next month. If he can do it, even if they didn’t sign Kane, Manchester City could very well sign him in the summer.
Pete Gill

Can the Danish momentum take them all the way?

For Denmark, the start of the 2020 European Cup couldn’t be worse. We are all very aware of Christian Eriksson’s failure, and a few hours later, they were defeated by Finland in an exciting tournament opener.

Kevin De Bruyne’s encouraging performance in the second half helped Belgium win the next game. But in the game against Russia, Denmark finally ushered in an ecstatic scene.

People from the Danish camp talked about how the team became closer after Eriksson’s collapse, which has penetrated into the rest of their Euro 2020, including fans in the stands.

On Saturday, they continued to show that they are a team that cannot be ignored, and how this bond still helps them through the storm. Both goals were played well, and when the Czech Republic throws everything at them, they need to show real defensive courage.

But make no mistake-Denmark is not just emotional. There is some incredible talent in their lineup, and if Eriksson is still with them, if they also make it to the semifinals, you won’t frown. In fact, you might say that they have a better chance with the organizer.

But as the roller coaster championship continues, Denmark’s momentum must be there. Can they match the heroism of 1992? Underestimating them can bring danger…
Charlotte Marsh

Podcast: England in a Dream!The perfect night in Southgate, Ukraine feels humble

Nothing is more comfortable than this. England beat Ukraine 4-0, which means they will face Denmark in the semi-finals of the 2020 European Cup at Wembley on Wednesday. Are the stars fighting for Gareth Southgate’s team? How did he manage to get rid of the fear factor in England?

Alice Piper discussed the victory in Rome with Rob Dorsett, Adam Bate and Gerard Brand, as Harry Kane was restored, Luke Shaw appeared in his new way Jose Mourinho, and England kept a zero goal. Everything looks great, right?

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