Will Alex Morgan be allowed to take her children to the Tokyo Olympics?She is still waiting to find out

This seems to be a straightforward question, but the American women’s national team star Alex Morgan is still looking for answers.

With less than a week before the USWNT travels to Tokyo to participate in the 2021 Olympics, Morgan is not sure if she can bring her little over one year old daughter Charlie.

Olympic Organizers told Reuters “When necessary, breastfeeding children can accompany athletes to Japan.” But Morgan is confused about the meaning of “necessary” and is waiting for more directions.

“We are Olympic moms telling you that this is necessary,” Morgan wrote on Twitter. “I haven’t been told if I can take my daughter to Japan. We will leave in 7 days.”

Olympic officials developed a COVID-19 safety protocol to prevent fans (including the athlete’s family) from going to the Olympics. But in a statement sent to Reuters on Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee said, “After carefully considering the unique situation faced by athletes with infants, we are happy to confirm that if necessary, infants will be able to accompany athletes to Japan. .”

According to the International Olympic Committee, the National Olympic Committee of each country Must notify Tokyo organizer Regarding any child “breastfeeding age” who will travel with the athlete.

Sports News contacted the U.S. Football Association and the U.S. Olympic Committee to seek more information about this process, especially the Morgan case.

While Morgan was waiting for her answer, Megan Rapinoe supported her USWNT teammate through a tweet that criticized the ambiguity in the IOC statement.

“The International Olympic Committee is shocking here,” Rapino wrote on Twitter. “If the mother/father/parents say it is necessary, then it is necessary!”

Other athletes-including Canadian basketball player Kim Gaucher and American track and field athlete Aliphine Tuliamuk-have also raised this question.

Morgan solved this problem In April, I worked with reporters to show that American football gave her the opportunity to bring her daughter in every USWNT training camp:

Morgan said: “It is important for mothers to choose to have their children with them during the game. I am very fortunate to be able to do this in every training camp.” “I still very much hope that I can have my daughter and I, [and someone] Who can see her in training and competition. “

Morgan added: “It is important for mothers to choose to have their children with them during the game.” “If the children are less than 1 or 2 years old, they may still be breastfeeding, so this is a big part.”

If USWNT advances to the gold medal match on August 6, it may stay in Japan for a full month.

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