Washington football team fined $10 million after the NFL investigation into workplace culture ends

On Thursday, the Snyder family’s pockets were lighter.

The National Football League announced that after ending its investigation into the team’s workplace culture, the National Football League imposed a $10 million fine on the Washington football team.

The investigation began nearly a year ago after several scandals and reports of sexual harassment and misconduct within the organization. Several stories in the Washington Post described events at the team’s facilities in detail.

Washington boss Dan Snyder issued a statement on the findings of the investigation on Thursday. Most notably, Snyder said his wife Tanya will assume the daily responsibilities of the organization and the role of CEO.

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The NFL also issued a statement on the results of its investigation, noting that Tanya Snyder will serve as the team’s chief executive officer in the next few months.

The coalition’s statement indicated that the inadequacy of the human resources department in Washington, coupled with the negligence of ownership, has combined to cause the problems facing the organization.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Washington will not lose the draft, will not be suspended, and will not make any charges against the organization.

The Washington football team is worth 3.5 billion U.S. dollars, According to Forbes.

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