USWNT defeated Mexico at the Olympics; Tobin Heath scored in the long-awaited return

The US women’s national team had a fantastic start in July, hoping to achieve better results in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

USWNT beat Mexico 4-0 in East Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday. In the process, one of the stars had a direct impact on her long-awaited return.

Christen Press scored twice and Sam Mewis scored again, but Tobin Heath’s goal after a long game on the sidelines was a topic everyone was talking about after the game.

Heath’s fairy tale return

Having missed the game for six months due to an ankle and knee injury at Manchester United, since she last played for Manchester United on December 20, Heath could not ask for a more satisfactory return to the game.

She scored just 52 seconds after coming off the bench in the downpour of Rentschler Field. She boldly drove out the left post and entered from 30 yards away, just as she had imagined.

“It’s huge. I don’t know if I will return to this place,” Heath revealed after the game. “It takes a lot of work and patience… It’s hard. But I’m really happy [goal].”

“I spent a long time thinking about how it would feel to be back on the court. You play a lot of games in your mind when you are not doing it, so this is one of the things that slows down the speed, it has a perfect picture,” she Speaking of goals. “I just took a look and found that I can do it.”

This is the first game she has participated in for USWNT since November 2020. In the comments after the game, she once again mentioned that she once thought she would not “sit down and talk to you”. But when asked about the long journey back home, she interrupted the topic of injuries once and for all.

“To be honest, I really don’t want to talk about the details or even think about it anymore. I just want to focus on my future football,” she said.

Heath’s recovery went so well that American coach Vlatko Andonovski said that he did not hesitate to let her play in the downpour, which made the court smooth. He said that Heath’s appearance was a predetermined substitute for high-performing employees. He is now focusing on getting her the time he says she needs.

“Physically speaking, she is ready. Medically speaking, she has no obstacles. From this point of view, she has no worries,” Andonowski said. “In terms of goals, this is Tobin’s goal. This is something she can think of, and not many players can do it or think of it.”

Can’t stop by pressing

Andonowski hopes that this type of operation experienced by Christen Press will last at least another month. And there is no reason to believe that she can’t hold on.

She scored two more goals on Thursday, a product of keen football instinct and decisive action in the penalty area. Andonovsky said she has been working hard to perfect this type.

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“When she is inside and outside the penalty area, she is a very smart player,” he said. “Know the defenders’ movements and know how to stay away from them. But we spent a lot of time researching these movements and trying to target players or areas. I’m glad we were able to take advantage of some of them.”

In the past 36 USWNT games, Press has now participated in 36 goals (18 goals, 18 assists). If the US team wins the gold medal in Tokyo, she is likely to play an important role in it.

The first sister-to-sister goal in American history

In the US opener on Thursday, Sam Mavis scored from a pass from his sister Christie Mavis, who started again in midfield with her siblings. It was Sam’s idea to hit the chest to celebrate (pictured below), which was put forward in writing before the game to prevent them from uniting to score a goal.

More than 40 friends and family members who traveled from Massachusetts to East Hartford to see the Mewis sisters will remember this moment. Sam Mewis can be said to be the best player on the court.

Given that Kristie Mewis recently returned to the national team after years of absence due to injury, the inclusion of Kristie Mewis in the Olympic team was considered a small surprise. She criticized herself after the game-“I think I was sloppy in some ways,” she said-but Andonovsky sounded more satisfied with her performance, saying “She proved that she deserves this one. team.”

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Macario comes off the bench

Catarina Macario’s poor performance in the USWNT June series may be a factor in her entering the waiting list and missing the final 18 Olympians list.

In the game against Mexico, the 21-year-old looked nothing like his June version. Coming off the bench, when she drove the ball past the defenders and passed the pass to her teammates, she was encouraged and confident-with a creative flash, the United States would definitely find it useful for the more stubborn defensive blockade in the Olympics.

If the upcoming changes to the Olympic roster rules become official and allow substitutes to be part of the expanded 22-player roster and can participate in the competition, then based on Macario’s performance in her 15-minute game, this could change the game rule.

Andonowski said: “What we see from Katarina is what we expect of her every time we step on the court.” “We see her creativity and ability to combine with teammates—— We saw this in Tobin [Heath] And Sam [Mewis] We saw a little bit of personal creativity and the ability to eliminate players in 1-v-1 situations. So in the few minutes she was on the court, I think she performed very well. “

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