Serena Williams injury update: coach was encouraged after she fell on “dangerous” center court

Serena Williams fell at Wimbledon Ended her bid for the major prematurely.

The error occurred in the first round of Williams’s game against Ariksandra Sasnović. Williams trailed 3-3 in the first set and was forced to retire due to injury.

Williams coach Patrick Mulatoglu pointed out that although they do not know what the injury is, Williams is walking, which is “a good sign.”

“We don’t know for the time being; we look forward to the results of the clinical evaluation,” Mouratoglou said.“The manual test allowed us to understand the nature of the injury, not the severity of it. We are waiting to see how long she should rest, obviously, the consequences in terms of preparing for the next time [the US Open]. Time will fly by. She is walking, which is a good sign, ruling out a very bad possibility. “

Of course, this is a good thing for the 39-year-old Williams, who sounds like she should be able to return to the game in the near future.

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Despite this, Mouratoglou still expressed dissatisfaction with the condition of Wimbledon Centre Court. He cited some other notable mistakes made in the days before Wimbledon.

“This stadium is very dangerous from the beginning of the game,” Muratoglu said. “Monday and Tuesday, everyone fell on this center court, [Nick] Kyrgios was very close to a serious injury on court 1. The place where the player slips is where the court is covered. If Novak Djokovic does not have incredible resilience, he may also be injured. “

However, Mouratoglou did not completely blame the court for these problems. His focus is on the shoes worn by tennis players.

“What really cares about is not the court, but the shoes. Let me describe to you tennis shoes made for grass. It is full of pimples. Without these, playing tennis is like skating and riding a horse and wanting to run,” Mouratoglou said. “But Wimbledon’s rules prohibit acne on the sides of sneakers. But you have to know that most falls on the grass are because of side supports. When players change direction, their reaction is to push the inner side of the sneaker hard. The foot. This is clearly the action when Mannarino and Djokovic fell.

“If you don’t have acne, your feet will give way and cracks will appear here. This is a reflex, and you can’t help it. I really think we must have a serious discussion on this topic and reconsider the health of the players as the top priority. .”

Perhaps this is a change that Wimbledon will consider for the 2021 championship.

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