Reggie Bush and Chris Webber can ask for redemption, but the NCAA will not give them

Reggie Bush wants his Heisman trophy back.

Chris Weber hopes that the banner of the Five Tigers will return to the Chrisler Arena.

On Thursday, with the implementation of Name, Image and Portrait (NIL), college sports entered a beautiful new world, and this adventure should push student athletes forward in an unprecedented way.

So, is it possible to reprint the past that was erased by the NCAA violation? ESPN analyst Jay Bilas supports the restoration of these awards and records.

Should they withdraw the flag and return these awards in order to restore the reputation of those athletes who received improper benefits at the time? Of course, why not? Will the NCAA issue such a lengthy apology and re-examine countless cases based on whether the NIL will have an impact? Do not.

If this hadn’t happened to Bush and the Five Tigers, it would never happen.

Webber is the core figure of the Five Tigers-a freshman class that includes Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson. Just mentioning that “Fab Five” still has the unique ability to go viral 30 years later. This is the special feature of the recruitment class. NIL endorsement money can be earned only between loose shorts and black socks, which can eliminate anything that has caused scandals involving Ed Martin and other boosters.

The same was true for Bush, who received additional benefits at the University of Southern California during the Trojan back-to-back national championships in the early 2000s. Bush is the easiest player to attract NIL because he is on the shortlist for the most exciting college football player of all time. How many times have you seen a game against Fresno State University? He was also the only athlete to free the Heisman Trophy.

Entering the College Football Hall of Fame-Bush voted in the ballot this year-is Bush’s first step in getting his Heisman back. Maybe he will. But this is not a requirement of the NCAA. The decision belongs to the Heisman Trust.

The NCAA Finals semi-finals flag is another slippery slope. If Michigan returns, Louisville, Memphis, and the University of Massachusetts, Among other things, will also want those back. How do you identify those cases where banners were retracted? impossible.

How much does this matter? The way I always look at these things is that violations still cannot eliminate what happened on the court or on the court. The “Bush Push” happened. Weber’s infamous timeout happened. No matter what the NCAA says, those moments of joy and pain will never be erased.

However, the damage far exceeds the player and cannot be ignored. After Steve Fisher left, Michigan played in only one game in 11 seasons. John Belleyne and Howard, who took over two seasons ago, made Michigan once again one of the most respected programs in the United States.

Since Pete Carroll went to the NFL, the University of Southern California has served as the third coach, and the program is still navigating back to the college football elite. Clay Helton is ranked 7th in the 2021 recruitment course, but he sits on the eternal flame on the FBS hot seat.

A Heisman trophy and a pair of second-placed banners may restore some credibility to Bush and Weber, but the damage caused by what happened next can never be completely eliminated. This is an unfortunate obstacle to trying to return what has been taken away.

Maybe NIL did it, so it won’t happen again in these situations, this is the broad hope. Nevertheless, this will not change the award and the victory will still be cancelled due to illegal behavior or academic misconduct. If anything, the NCAA is more motivated to punish procedures that violate rules that are not currently related to NIL.

Conformity and NCAA penalties rarely happen at the same time, but going back to what has happened would be an extraordinary measure. Bush and Weber may never get what they want, but it does not matter. The next running back superstar, star-studded freshman, may not bear the same fate now.

Is this the defense they want or deserve? Probably not. Will that happen? Yes it is. NCAA will work hard to move forward without looking back.

It’s best to press.

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