Major League Baseball put Trevor Ball on administrative leave in sexual assault allegations and investigations

Major League Baseball announced on Friday that Dodgers pitcher Trevor Ball has been given an administrative leave of seven days after being accused of sexual assault earlier this week.

The allegations against Bauer are detailed in the victim’s domestic violence restraining order, which is detailed in a report Released from The Athletic.

Major League Baseball issued a statement regarding Friday’s decision to let Ball take a vacation:

Major League Baseball is investigating the allegations against Trevor Ball. Although the case has not yet been decided, we have decided to give Mr. Bauer a 7-day administrative leave immediately. The MLB continues to collect information in our ongoing investigation, while the Pasadena Police Department is conducting an active criminal investigation. We will comment further in due course.

In the detailed illustration surrounding the attack, the victim claimed that Ball strangled her repeatedly and made her unconscious. Bauer left scratches and bruises on the victim’s face.

The restraining order submitted also indicated that Bauer had penetrated the victim’s anus without the victim’s consent. If Bauer finds out that she has gone to the hospital after one of the encounters, the woman is worried about the impact on what Bauer does.

In a statement, Bauer’s lawyers stated that the encounters in April were entirely consensual. “Any allegations that the encounters were not 100% mutually agreed are unfounded, defamatory and will Refute to the fullest extent of the law.”

During a visit to the White House on July 2, the Dodgers were seen without Ball to celebrate the team’s victory in the 2020 World Series.

Ball was originally scheduled to capture the mound on Sunday. In light of these allegations, Dodgers coach Dave Roberts was asked if he would still pitch Ball. Roberts said the situation was “out of their control.”

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