Cowboys on “Hard Knocks”: We hope to see four storylines in the next season of HBO’s NFL anchor

How about them… TV ratings?

According to reports, the Dallas Cowboys will appear in the five episodes of the “Hard Knocks” season that will be broadcast on August 10th:

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Of course, everything in Texas is bigger, so looking forward to the upcoming season of HBO’s long-term behind-the-scenes footage of the NFL training camp should be a real fool. Dallas ended an ugly 6-10 season. It saw the start of four quarterbacks, so this in itself can be an interesting perspective of training camp.

Here are four things we hope to see at the premiere of “Hard Knocks” this season:

Dark, dark, uh, more dark

Dak Prescott missed the last 11 games of the 2020 season due to a serious ankle injury, but his comeback story did not end there.

Prescott signed a four-year, $160 million contract with Dallas, which will allow him to wear denim uniforms this offseason. But the contract negotiations with Prescott in the past few seasons were very rough and very public. Although the past between the two parties may have passed, it would be interesting to have some understanding of what happened between the two parties.

The often criticized quarterback Prescott will almost certainly be the focus of this year’s series. Too many good things are never bad (especially in #content). He is the biggest story of Dallas entering the team’s critical season, so look forward to the shot on the quarterback.

Head coach drama

Mike McCarthy seemed a bit out of place last season. This is the first time he has been head coach in Dallas after a year away from football. The Cowboys’ mid-season season led to speculation that McCarthy would be unemployed at the end of the season, but this did not happen because Jerry Jones showed restraint (more on that later).

“Hard Knocks” has become an NFL publicity rather than an actual tough TV viewing, but in the past few seasons, we must have noticed a certain amount of drama in the coaching room (Hugh Jackson, we are watching you) .

McCarthy’s entire season in Dallas was obviously an eventful season, despite only 16 games. This is something you can guarantee that you will continue into this season.

Gela (and his yacht)

Jerry Jones is the most well-known owner of the NFL, so there is no doubt that he will play some roles in this year’s series.

The voice owner is known for his polarizing and controversial list decisions, and in the past he was not afraid to confuse it with the media, especially when the “boys” were struggling. Did the boy take the Cowboys fight bus in 2020? (Or maybe a struggle yacht, if Jones’ sea adventure is any indication.)

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Star rookie

Before playing for Dallas, Mika Parsons was already one of Dallas’ most entertaining and outspoken players.

Although Parsons was labeled a terrible “character problem” when he entered the NFL draft, there were no real off-court problems during his time with Pennsylvania State University. Playing in the middle of Dallas defense under the leadership of the new DC Dan Quinn, one of the largest markets in the United States? Entering 2021, this will be something worthy of attention.

A deeper understanding of his personality will be a welcome sight-especially for a player who can truly change Dallas’ defensive prospects in the 2021 season.

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