Ben Simmons trade rumor: The 76ers rejected the Pacers offer led by Malcolm Brogdon

It seems that at least one Eastern Conference team has made an offer to Ben Simmons.

Since the 76ers were withdrawn early by the Eagles in the 2021 Eastern Conference semifinals, trade rumors have been surrounding Simmons.

The latest rumor is that the Pacers pursued Simmons.

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According to Jason Dumars of KRON4 News and Bleacher Report, the Indiana team made an offer that included first-round picks for point guard Malcolm Brogdon and Simmons. But their progress was rejected because the 76ers would only “exchange an All-Star player” with Simmons.

Brogdon certainly will not slacken. The Pacers’ starting point guard averaged a career-high 21.2 points per game last season, while averaging 5.3 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game. The 2016-17 Rookie of the Year has shot 46.6% from the field and 38.6% from three-pointers during his career.

Simmons is nowhere near Brogdon’s long-range shooter level, because he only shot 34 three-pointers in his career and hit 14.7%. However, Simmons is an elite defender and was selected to the NBA All-Defensive First Team with his efforts in the 2020-21 season. His 6-11 height and fast hands (career averaging 1.7 steals per game) make him particularly difficult to deal with at the point guard position.

On paper, Brogdon and the first one may not be a bad exchange for the 76ers, and will definitely improve their floor spacing. Despite this, the 28-year-old Brogdon is four years older than the 24-year-old Simmons and has not yet participated in the All-Star Game. Therefore, he did not fully check all the boxes Philadelphia wanted to fill out.

In addition, Doc Rivers has always insisted that the 76ers will work on solving Simmons’ shooting problems, and seems to believe in the team’s starting point guard.

“I know exactly what we want to do,” Rivers said, every Mark Naducci of the Philadelphia Inquirer “I am very optimistic about Ben. I am still very optimistic about Ben, but I still have work, and I am willing to do it.”

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