After the newspaper re-examined the gambling case 20 years ago, Mickelson will not return to Detroit

Phil Mickelson went from Motown to Forbidden City.

The “left-handed” will participate in his first Rockets Mortgage Classic this weekend, but this will be the last time the champion golfer will participate, and the reason is very interesting.

Earlier this week, the Detroit News reported on an incident that occurred more than 20 years ago, linking Mickelson to a gaming company in the Detroit area, who took $500,000 from Mickelson’s pocket. The gambler who is now dead is said to be in contact with the mob.

Mickelson did not deny the authenticity of the story and questioned the timing of the story.

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“For me, it’s too hard to come here and carry out this kind of unnecessary attack,” Mickelson said (via ESPN). “It’s not like I care, it happened more than 20 years ago, just lack of appreciation. Yes, I didn’t see this happening. I didn’t see me coming back. It’s not that I don’t love the people here, they have always been great , But that kind of thing will not happen.”

In a recent statement to ESPN, Mickelson’s attorney Glenn Cohen said that the sole purpose of the story was to “embrace” his client.

“I’m very disappointed that they would curiously choose to write an article about the bet more than 20 years ago and the 2007 jury trial. Phil Mickelson was embarrassed.” Cohen said.

The trial took place in 2007 and the results showed that the bookmaker “Dandy” Don DeSeranno did not pay the bet Mickelson won a few years ago.

Mickelson, who won the 2021 PGA Championship, failed to replicate this success in the Rockets Mortgage Classic, and he sat 43rd into Friday.

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