2021 Major League Baseball All-Star voting results: Who made the list of the American League and the National League?

The result is.

With the All-Star Game scheduled to be held on July 13, Major League Baseball will announce that fans will vote to select players to represent their respective leagues.

On Thursday night, the faithful in their hometown will find out whether their team’s position player gets the most votes and gets the starting position. The pitchers and reserve teams of the two teams will be announced on Sunday, July 4.

This is the latest news from the starters of the MLB All-Star team.

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MLB All-Star voting update and results

9:30 pm: The genius of the Warriors Ronald Acuna Jr. (Ronald Acuna Jr.) will start in the NL field and become the player with the most votes, while Jesse Winker and Nick Castellano Nick Castellanos will have two Red Army fighting alongside him. Dodgers’ teammates Mookie Betts and Chris Taylor topped the list with 13% and 7%, respectively, and ranked third with 16%.

9:22 in the evening: Teoscar Hernandez, Aaron Judge and Mike Trout were selected as the starters of the American League outfield. However, Trout was injured and will not be able to participate in the competition. Byron Buxton got 12% of the vote, and Michael Brantley got 10%, second only to Hernandez, who ranked first with 12% three.

9:15 pm: Six American League All-Star starters have been nominated. After Salvador Perez (Vladimir Guerrero Jr.) will start, teammate Marcus Semien will be at second base and Xander Bogaerts will Start shortstop, and Rafael Devers will be at third base. Shohei Ohtani will be the designated batter. To date, Guerrero has the highest vote rate at 75%, with Yuli Gurriel in second place with 15% and Jose Abreu with 10%. Bogaerts won the closest match with a 42% advantage, beating Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bichette and Astros shortstop Carlos Correa.

9:05 in the evening: At the end of the infield game of the National League, Buster Posey was the receiver, Freddie Freeman was the first base, Adam Fraser was the second baseman, and Fernando Tatis Jr. was the shortstop. , Nolan Arenado served as third base. The most unbalanced game is the shortstop, Tatis won 64% of the vote, Javier Baez (19%), and Brandon Crawford (Brandon Crawford) 17%. The closest match was when Arenado received 40% of the votes, Justin Turner came in second with 34%, and Chris Bryant came in third with 26%.

American League

position name team
catcher Salvador Perez Royals
First base Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Bluebird
Second base Marcus Seed Company Bluebird
Third base Raphael Devers Red Sox
Shortstop Xander Bogaerts Red Sox
Outfield Teoscar Hernandez Bluebird
Outfield Judge Aaron Yankees
Outfield Mike Trout angel
Designated batter Otani Shohei angel

National League

position name team
catcher Buster Posey Giants
First base Freddie Freeman Brave
Second base Adam Fraser pirate
Third base Nolan Arenado Cardinals
Shortstop Fernando Tatis Fathers
Outfield Ronald Acuna Jr. Brave
Outfield Nick Castellanos Celebrities
Outfield Jesse Wink Celebrities

How can I watch the All-Star Game Draft show?

  • date: Thursday, July 1
  • time: 9 p.m. EDT
  • channel: ESPN
  • live: ESPN+ | Fubo TV

ESPN will air the talent show at 9pm on Thursday.For those who want to watch their favorite player get a place in the All-Star team, you can watch ESPN+ or watch Fubo TV, Provides a 7-day free trial.

Who are the All-Star finalists?

This year, the voting for the All-Star Game was twists and turns. Before MLB announced the three finalists for each position, the fans conducted a round of voting. In addition to the outfield, they selected nine finalists. Fans voted from the three to decide who will be the starter of the All-Star Game unless they are injured.

The following are the finalists for each position selected by fan votes. Players are listed by voting share in the last voting update, According to MLB.com.

American League

position Finalist 1 Finalist 2 Finalist 3
catcher Salvador Perez, Royals (62%) Martin Maldonado, Astros (20%) Yasmani Grandal, White Sox (19%)
First base Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Blue Jays (74%) Yuli Gurriel, Astronaut (16%) Jose Abreu, White Sox (10%)
Second base Marcus Semien, Blue Jays (52%) Jose Altove, Astros (33%) DJ LeMahieu, Yankees (15%)
Third base Rafael Devers, Red Sox (61%) Alex Bregman, Astros (23%) Yoan Moncada, White Sox (16%)
Shortstop Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox (43%) Bo Bichette, Blue Jays (35%) Carlos Correa, Astro (22%)
Outfield Mike Trout, angel (20%) Teoscar Hernandez, Blue Jays (11%) Adolis Garcia, Wanderer (9%)
Outfield Aaron Judge, Yankees (13%) Michael Brantley, Astro (9%) Alex Verdugo, Red Sox (8%)
Outfield Byron Buxton, twins (12%) Cedric Mullins (9%) Randal Grichuk, Blue Jays (8%)
Designated batter Shohei Ohtani, angel (63%) JD Martinez, Red Sox (20%) Jordan Alvarez, Astros (17%)

National League

position Finalist 1 Finalist 2 Finalist 3
catcher Buster Posey, Giants (58%) Yadier Molina, Cardinals (25%) Wilson Contreras, Cubs (18%)
First base Freddie Freeman, the brave (47%) Max Monsi, Dodgers (34%) Anthony Rizzo, Cubs (18%)
Second base Adam Fraser, Pirate (47%) Ozzie Albis, the brave (32%) Gavin Lux, Dodgers (21%)
Third base Nolan Arenado, Cardinals (40%) Justin Turner, Dodgers (34%) Chris Bryant, Cubs (26%)
Shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., parents (64%) Javier Baez, Cubs (19%) Brandon Crawford, Giants (17%)
Outfield Ronald Acuna Jr., Braves (21%) Mookie Betts, Dodgers (13%) Mike Yastrzemski, Giants (6%)
Outfield Nick Castellanos, Red Army (18%) Chris Taylor, Dodgers (7%) Bryce Harper, Phillies (6%)
Outfield Jesse Winker, Red Army (16%) Pedersen, Cubs game (7%) Juan Soto, national (6%)

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