Patrick Beverley of the Clippers withdrew from Game 6 after an ugly push against Chris Paul of the Suns

Patrick Beverley decided on Wednesday night that he wanted to enter the 2021 offseason before the other teammates.

The Clippers guard was expelled after pushing Suns star Chris Paul to the ground with both hands in the fourth quarter of Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. When the two players walked to their respective benches, Paul looked at Beverly, but didn’t seem to say anything. However, that look was enough to make a fire under Beverly.

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After a brief review of the incident, Beverly was sent off for a technical foul. This push obviously did not bother Paul, and he can be seen celebrating his expulsion.

Part of Beverly’s frustration may stem from the fact that the Clippers can’t stop Paul. The 11-time All-Star player defeated his old club 130-103 and scored 41 points to help Phoenix secure a place in the 2021 NBA Finals.

The Suns will now turn their attention to the Bucks or Eagles as they try to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. At the same time, Beverly may soon receive news from the Union Office.

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